STEVE PICHAN | I | 10-3-2010

Guest: Steve Pichan | 10-3-2010

I began writing music and lyrics as a young boy. Over the years, I have focused my writing more on “story” styled songs as demonstrated in “You don’t know Che!” , “The day God Laughed”, “Leavin’ Detroit” and the first CD, “Am I Here Already”. The topics are varied with each but often touch on cultural or political issues of the day. “Leavin’ Detroit”, also subtitled “a short musical tale of a displaced autoworker” was released in April 2009 and inspired by the multiple factory closings and job losses in the automotive industry. The 5 track EP chronicles the experiences of one fictitious character “Bob” as he loses his job, then his home and decides to pack up his family and head for North Carolina where they struggle to adjust to the new region. “Am I Here Already” begins with “The line” which was a plea to political candidates in 2008 to deliver the truth to the public. Citizens, accustomed to having to sort through spins and lies, are becoming increasing complacent and disheartened by the political process. Simple truth telling from politicians (a novel idea) would hopefully earn the trust of voters and improve public perception and interest. This song is currently available in full version at the music link. Other songs such as “Iron man” shines a light on the goodness of everyday Americans when faced with a tragedy such as 9/11. For every song, there is likely a story or hidden meaning. I hope there is one here that speaks to you