Guest: Guest: Gino Castillo


Gino is an Afro-Cuban jazz percussionist, and singer.

We’ll be discussing his newest project- Buena Vista Legacy Band “ The Showcase”. Exploring the phenomenon of the Buena Vista Social Club, an album recorded by anonymous Cuban musicians in 1996 which led to documentaries with a large cult following.

His background includes an honorary degree in percussion teaching from George Gershwin Conservatory (Ecuador), a degree in percussion studies from the Caturla Conservatory and the Felix Varela Conservatory, and many private lessons, included studies with Cuban artist Oscar Valdes (Cuba).

Gino has served as the head Percussion teacher for the “Instituto de Musica Contemporanea” from Universidad San Fransisco de Quito and which is part of the Berklee College of Music Network. He also owns the “Centro de Percusion Latina Gino Castillo” which is part of the George Gershwin Conservatory in Quito, Ecuador, where he has been developing a modern method of learning based on his many years as a musician and teacher. Since year 2003 Gino has maintained his cymbals sponsor with Sabian, becoming the first Ecuadorian musician to be sponsored by a worldwide brand.

He has collaborated with many international artists, such as: Etienne Charles, Earl Klugh, Ray Parker Jr, Horacio el Negro Hernández , Charleston Jazz Orchestra , Jose Pepito Gomez, John Benítez, Pascoal Meirelles,, Paulo Moura, , Alex Alvear , Oscarito Valdés, David Lee, Jessy J, André Neiva, Zacai Curtis, Rafael Paceiro, Emilio Morales, Frank Rubio, Ymelda Marie-Louisa , Cruks en Karnak, Juan Fernando Velasco, Carmen González, and more.



Guest: Fernando Hernandez


Lead Instructor, Business Dept at Everest Institute Kendall campus (Miami) Fernando Hernandez is the author of The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States.

He was born in Banes, Cuba, arrived via the Pedro Pan Operation in 1962 at age 9. Grew up in NYC, attended Power Memorial Academy, Graduated from St.Thomas U. in Miami with a BA in Communications and a Masters in Management. I was in pharmaceutical sales for many years until one day I got up, and quit. That was in 2003. Ever since I have been teaching at Carlos Albizu University and Everest Institute in the Business Department.

The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States chronicles the Cuban immigration to the United States from the 1800s to the present era. The author analyzes the impact the Cuban community has had on the cultural, economic, social, sports, and political scene in American society throughout multiple generations. Cuban immigrants have been one of the most successful communities in the United States. The book examines the contribution to baseball from Martín Dihigo to Tony Pérez and from Ernesto Lecuona to Gloria Estefan in music. In business circles the reader will discover that The Coca Cola Company, the Kellogg Company and McDonalds Corporation had Cuban-born Chief Executive Officers and that Movado watch company was owned by a refugee who fled communist Cuba. The book vividly depicts more than 250 extraordinary and intriguing men and women that make for engrossing and captivating reading.


GINO CASTILLO | 6-9-2010

Guest: Gino Castillo



Percussionist, composer, singer and educator. His music studies begin in Ecuador and Cuba where he lived for several years and spent most of his time studying with master teacher Oscar Valdez Moreno. His album “Ya llegamos” (dedicated to Paola Racines [r.i.p.])is his first Latin jazz record as a solo artist. Before that in 2006, he had already done a similar album with the band “Santa Palabra”. The album was called “Un Dia” which contained compositions by various musicians.