Guest: Tracy Walton | On Desk Studio | 5-21-2013

Tracy decided in 2010 that it was time to start “Brand New Again” and focus all of his energy on his solo career.  And with the release of “If I Ever Get Away”, 2013 is starting out strong featuring the song “Songs for You” which many are calling Tracy’s best song to date and his breakout track.

Singer songwriter, bassist, producer, author, studio owner.
He has toured the country with various groups including most recently the duo Belle of the Fall.
Tracy has also played bass with David Bromberg, and Vernon Reid among others.
He is currently recording his 4th solo album with an expected release of fall 2021.
He also produces albums for artists at his studio, On Deck Sound Studio, in Northfield CT.


COREY KOEHLER | 2-21-2010

Guest: Corey Koehler | 2-21-2010

The Short Version… I am a singer/songwriter who writes music designed to inspire you, loosen up your stiff neck, and make your beer, wine or any other beverage taste a lot better. I enjoy good beer, an occasional smoke, and a good success book. And you?

The Long Version… I am a married and young 37 year-old father of three who discovered that not only do I love making up songs BUT I can actually sing a little and even play some guitar while doing it. After putting my new found talent on display for family and friends and then getting a good response and some encouragement, I decided to take my new found talent to the public. This again, resulted in a good response and more encouragement. But, I still was being kind of yella (as in “some folks called him yella” from Kenny Rogers tune “Coward of the County”). Then, after a few years a s a indie music blogger, podcaster and internet marketer, I realized that what many of the artists were doing was something I could do and in some cases, better. I figured, what the hell! So here I am, putting myself out there with the ultimate goal of a full-time career in music. It is something that I need to do for myself, my family as well as each and everyone one of you that need proof that it is never to late – and you are never to old – to pursue your passion and to live life on your own terms.