Guests: Diana Montané + Peggi Moore [Friend of Victim; Michelle Lynn Jones 1966 -2004] | 10-1-2013

When detectives respond to a crime scene in Orlando, Florida, during the “Summer of Hurricanes” in 2004, they find Charlie Brandt hanging from the rafters in the garage of his niece; Michelle Jones’s home. Inside the house, they find a scene of horror that reminds them of other murders… In 1978, 13-year-old Carol Lynn Sullivan’s head was found inside a rusty paint can in Osteen, FL; her body was never found. Homeless transient Sherry Perisho was murdered in 1989, after moving to Florida from Illinois. Finally, in 1995, Miami prostitute Darlene Toler was deposited on the side of the road, wrapped up “like a package.” Perisho and Toler had their hearts removed; all three had been decapitated; and all three are believed by investigators to have been the prior victims of Charlie Brandt. The true story of the crimes committed by Brandt with insight from an FBI profiler and forensic psychologist, victims’ friends and relatives, and the unique writings from victims before their deaths.


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