Guest: Steve Pichan | 11-6-2011

Songs from the “Wars and Stripes” CD were chosen for use in his documentary “Our Vietnan Generation”. The premiere featured at the Fox Theatre in Detroit and honored Vietnam Veterans for their service. Songs used for the feature; “We shall never forget” (theme song), “Mikie’s Minutes” (tribute to Sgt. Michael Ingram) and “Look Away” (a music video reflection of the treatment of our Vietnam Vets upon their return to the States). I owe a debt of gratitude to Keith for including me in his extraordinary and important work! In October, 2010, Director Agustin Blazquez, chose “You don’t know Che” for his documentary, “Che; the other side of an icon” that premiered in Miami, Florida. A music video was produced as well intended to expose the true Che Guevara, right hand man and executioner for Fidel Castro. Past songs and CD’s are story based, American folk and rock genres and include “Ironman” (tribute to John LaPointe, an ironworker who volunteered his time to tear down the steel structures of the Twin Towers after the 9/11 attacks) and “Leavin’ Detroit” (a reflection on tough times and lost jobs in the Detroit auto industry).


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