Guest: Steve Pichan | 4-29-2021

A prolific artist whose musical expression of past, present and current events will leave you examining your own beliefs and trying to understand the world around you. Pichan began writing music and lyrics as a young boy. Over the years his focus has been more “story” styled songs as demonstrated in “You Don’t Know Che”! about Che Guevara, chief exectutioner during the late 50’s and early 60’s in Cuba under Castro. Che is celebrated by celebrities and others that don his image on clothing and jewelry. He was also glorified in the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” directed by Robert Redford. Che was responsible for the execution of hundreds, if not thousands, of Cubans who resisted the iron fisted rule of Fidel Castro.

Other songs: The day God Laughed, Leaving Detroit, Am I Here Already?  “Bob” Iron Man, shines the llight on the goodness of everyday Americans when faced with a tragedy such as 9/11. “Look Away” written for the documentary “Our Vietnam Generation. The topics are varied with each song but often touch on a cultural or politcal issue of the day. The songs presented for this interview are downloadable on Sound Cloud for free. All other material is available on traditional sites for listening and / or purchasing. Spotify, Amazon, Itunes. Is This America, Pipeline Fields, Big Brother Big Sister, The Mask


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