El Casino De Los Congos

El Casino De Los Congos For hundreds of years, hundreds of thousands of Africans were sold as slaves to Portugal, Britain, US, Brazil, Spain, and Cuba, as well as other countries. The Portuguese began bringing Africans to Cuba and then the Spaniards followed. By the 1800’s millions of Africans had been sold around the world.

This is the story of Ta Gundo Paredes Moré, son of a King in the Congo. Prince Ta Gundo is captured by slave traders and sold to Ramon Paredes, a plantation owner in Cuba and sold a second time to El Conde de Moré.

The story reveals what appears to be a curse, is only the beginning for what sets the stage for a Cuban musical legend to be born, Benny Moré who is revered to this day as El Bárbaro del Ritmo.  The master of most Cuban popular genres, such as the bolero, son montuno, mambo, and guaracha.

Our guest, his grandson Dr. Roly Moré narrates intimate stories never told before about his family’s history.


Benny Moré Cuban Icon and Jon Secada’s Music CD controversy


Benny Moré Cuban Icon and Jon Secada’s Music CD controversy

Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré (24 August 1919 – 19 February 1963), known as Benny Moré, was a Cuban singer, bandleader and songwriter. With his fluid tenor voice he triumphantly won the title of  El Bárbaro del Ritmo, and  El Sonero Mayor. With his grace, Moré eloquently merged musical genres such as the bolero, mambo, cha cha cha, son, guaracha, and son montuno.  Benny was an engenious singer and composer, he is considered one of the most influential musician and popular singer Cuba has ever produced.

Roly More, MD “PhD” his prodigious grandson who lives in the USA pays tribute to his ancestry and  Benny Moré’s Anniversary. 

We will discuss the recent jon secada’s CD release paying tribute to Benny Moré.



Gloria Maria Strassburger

Esta fascinante historia real, la cual lee como la version Castellana de la película Lo que el viento se llevó” comienza su historia con el noviazgo de Rolando Fernández and Ninina Perea cuales se conocen y se enamoran en la Habana 1939.  Gloria Maria Strassburger relata cómo su padre despues de vivir toda una vida con problemas psicológicos y haberse sometido a miriadas de tratamientos  termino  en un colapso mental.

Tambien nos relata como los problemas familiares y politicos arrancaron su infancia privilegiada fisica y emocionalmente.  La apropiación de sus riquezas y propiedades por el régimen rebelde. Cómo fueron arrancadas las familias entre sí,  como niños fueron separados de sus padres, obligados a someterse a adoctrinamiento Comunista en Rusia.

Strassburger escapó ese destino a través de la Operación Pedro Pan, uno de los mayores éxodos políticos de los niños de la historia. Temiendo por su futuro, sus padres la enviaron sola, fuera de Cuba en 1961. Nos habla del terror de ser separada de su familia y vivir en un país extranjero sin ellos.

Strassburger decribe la desintegración de su familia, como su padre en espiral en la esquizofrenia y el comunismo les obligó a exiliarse, dejando atrás a sus seres queridos, sus hogares y sus identidades para hacer frente a las dificultades de una nueva vida en los Estados Unidos. “Palmeras En La Nieve” es una historia de amor, sacrificio y la supervivencia de la familia. Es un homenaje de una vida perdida para siempre y la adopción de una vida nueva en América.



Luke Steward-Obama

Tim Hodgin-Joe Biden

Jesse Wang (Chinese Chairman)


The film revolves around the year 2012. The US delegation and the Chinese delegation meet in Beijing to discuss the US debt to China and all hell breaks lose in a clash between these two super powers. “Two de Force” is a movie not a documentary.  “Two de Force” is a drama with action and humor that exercises poetic license. Throughout the story, all the political characters are seen as normal people who happen to be in powerful positions.Orestes wanted to show how these men and women act the same way we do when they are not in front of a television camera or at a public gathering. More importantly, he explores the big picture of politics, and he questions who really pulls the political strings that govern our daily lives and ultimately determine our future.

The story does not encourage partisan politics in any way, as we allow for an array of opinions to be represented. The goal of the story is not to encourage the audience to pick sides.  Instead, the goal is to challenge the viewer to think about the big picture and how all of us are affected by the decisions of regular people that happen to be elected to office in their respective countries.  And, in this story, these “regular guys” happen to be the leaders of the two major world powers.

Dinner with Warriors 3/16/2011


Dinner with Warriors

Since the attacks of 9/11 the War on Terror has claimed the lives of over 5,500 US service men and women. The number officially wounded is over 30,000 As citizens of the US we must stand and care for these warriors and their families that have given so much fighting for our safety and freedom “Dinner with Warriors” is a cookbook that contains favorite great meals from America’s Heroes. Some of the soldiers who have been fortunate enough to return home will speak about their experiences and soldiers who have perished their family members will speak in their name. With this book we honor America’s best.


Other great organizations that are helping our troops