Mr Mans Corner – What are we doing in Iraq and Syria?

Recently ISIS/ISIL or whatever they call themselves posted a slick highly edited video showing lots of propaganda footage along with a much choreographed beheading party of a bunch of prisoner’s to finish up with head Peter Kassig. A person who was reported to be there to help the people in the area and who converted to Islam while in captivity.

I do not understand what the United States policy is for the Middle East and from the news reports, maybe the White House does not know either.

The President is talking about a coalition that is going after ISIS but it is difficult to know who the members are and their commitments. I did find an article “What the 60-plus members of the anti-Islamic State coalition are doing” that tries to give a breakdown of the members but in tallying it up, we seem to have more humanitarian, expressed support or unspecified commitments leading me to believe that once again we are being misled by the White House and the State Department about the plans for the region and what the coalition will really be able to do.

Who is doing the fighting?

Another confusing issue is how ISIS is able to profit from oil. Here are two stories: “ISIS: Can coalition cut off funding of world’s wealthiest terror group?” and “‘ISIS smuggles $1mn of oil daily in water-tanks, fire-trucks’- refinery worker to RT” telling us how ISIS is able to sell oil and refined products on the black market but somehow the United States led coalition with their might appear to be powerless to stop it.

I would think it would be as simple as just bombing the ISIS controlled oil refineries or pipelines. Much easier than trying to hit moving targets.

Like I said before – What are we doing in Iraq and Syria?