Even through her own struggles, Ami Ahuja has never lost the ability to remain optimistic and increase the positivity in her life. She now wants to share 8 of her most impactful tips to help others jump-start their own happiness. Ami uses the acronym UMBRELLA to teach key insights, from Understanding and Managing to Learning and Attracting. And, while Ami continually strives to reach new goals and new heights personally and professionally, one vision remains a constant for her: empower others to achieve their own dreams in life. Live Positively with Ami’s Umbrella – 8 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Happiness provides guidance to do just that.

Ami Ahuja is a wife and mother, entrepreneur, sales coach and the organizer of a woman’s journey with a little over 880 members and growing. Ami loves spending time with her children, teaching them the best of Indian & American culture.  She has worked in retail & sales since 1995 and together with her husband Sonny, both managed their own trade shows in Chicago, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, Vegas & Memphis and own stores in malls & e commerce websites. Ami was chosen “Mrs. Milwaukee 2011″ Runner Up at Mrs. Wisconsin 2011. She was awarded People’s Choice Best Photogenic at Mrs. WI 2011.

Sonny Ahuja 10/25/2009

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How does Mr. Ahuja manages it all and is still a terrific Husband & Father? An Entrepreneur from the age of 19, Blogger, Marketer & Business Adviser. Loves music & dance. (this is on his twitter) Sonny Ahuja has worked in retail for about 20 years, his sales were down due to the economy but since he began analyzing and implementing knowledge about social media, the traffic on his site has doubled. Now he has about 25000 followers in matters of weeks on twitter. Ahuja’s website and blog receives around 100 visitors per day from Twitter without ever spamming anyone. Sonny Ahuja also designed and developed his site and brought it up in search engines. Now it is on page 1 under 300+ keywords!!! And Cubanarama’s listeners get a super sweet deal, no not perfume for that you have to go to but you will love this E Book Freebie. Check it out!