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Our list of musicians in no particular order:

E.G. Holmes: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/egholmes1

Papo Ortega-Cubanoson: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cubanoson2

Corey Koehler: http://planetcorey.com/

Tracy Walton: http://tracywaltonmusic.com/sample-page-2/

Jorge Sanchez “Papito” https://jspapito.wordpress.com/

Yamila Guerra: http://www.yamilaguerra.com/Home_2.html

Mathias the Piano Man: http://www.mathiaspianoman.com/

Candi Sosa: http://www.amazon.com/Alianzas-CANDI-SOSA/dp/B002W8LP7K

Wenso Ashby: http://www.wensoashby.com/

Jana Mashonee: http://www.janamashonee.com/

Rob Anthony: http://www.robanthonymusic.com/

Sugarcane Rush

Bryan Pezzone :http://www.bryanpezzone.net/




Spellbound is a musical project founded by award-winning songwriters and producers Paul “Pablo” Thomas (guitars and keyboards) and Bobby Moon (vocals and percussion) from Los Angeles, CA. The duo have been performing and producing an ever expanding catalog of critically-acclaimed albums over the past two decades. Spellbound’s original blend of soulful compositions & Spanglish lyrics create a danceable fusion of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, funk, rock, & beyond. The band has performed and recorded with a remarkable cast of artists and musicians throughout their career, including Ozomatli, Eddie Palmieri, ? and the Mysterians, Johnny Polanco, Plas Johnson, Roger Manning, Jr., and many more.

Beginning with Spellbound in 1996 (which contains the Latin-tinged crowd favorite “Good Company”), the band has released a succession of nationally distributed CDs on their own Selfish Recordings label. They include 1999’s Funqueros (dubbed a “jewel of magnanimous proportions” by Campus Circle vol.9 #14), which helped create a buzz about the band, resulting in a number of Southern California performances, notably an opening slot at the Hollywood Bowl in July 2002. By 2007 Spellbound, along with the release of their CD Poolside Fiesta, presented their first-ever video, “Hot Sauce” (which can now be enjoyed on YouTube).

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