Grandpaw tell me about the good old days

There is nothing in the world that compares to the patience, advice, honesty, integrity and love of a grandpaw. If you are lucky enough to have memories of him, I bet you still go back to the files of advice and support whenever your heart is weary.

If you don’t have anywhere to turn to for memories of old that give you a sense of foundation for all that you are and all you will ever be, you may consider adopting Grandpaw Peter Koyote as your own granpaw.

Like your own grandpaw, I bet sometimes you thought he exaggerated, was silly, told a fable here and there to help you to understand the truth of the matter and the older you get the more wisdom you find in his teachings.

I also bet that you wonder how he did it, how his heart remained full of love and innocent seeing the world tainted from before his own birth…

I want to learn how to contain in my heart and my soul all the gifts that were bestowed upon me, I do not want to throw my pearls to the swines….

I want grandpaw to help me now and forevermore to keep integrity because the world will keep on changing but the goodness, hope and faith in my heart will remain forever…

Pass on the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of Grandpaw Peter Koyote


Jacqueline Ripstein

Co Host Monica Rosales Executive Dir of

Special Guest: Jacqueline Ripstein is a Art and Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy.

United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace

Internationally renowned artist, has spent the last 37 years of her life inspiring thousands of people across the world through her art, books, self-awareness seminars & workshops.Creator o0f the Invisible Art tecq(p)
Pioneer in Art & Healing, with more than 360 international shows to her credit. Born in Mexico.Self-taught, won a diploma at12 yrs on a Prismacolor competition.
She has participated in a very special world events such as: Chosen to open the “Sefarad events in Toledo, Spain,”
Commissioned to paint Our Lady of the Universe for Medjugorje.Opened the Millenium Day 2000 at the UN.
Renown Scientists as Prof. Emeritus: Dr.Valerie Hunt has revealed how her high vibrational art heals & helps us ascend in consciousness.Dr Rafael Lopez Guerrero proved the high radio frequencies vibrations her art emits(IRCAI Inst)

Each chapter in Ripstein’s new book “The Art of Healing Art” a bridge to consciousness is termed  “Lessons” as book offers a discipline in the journey of life.

Positive and negative experiences in Life have contributed to our spiritual growth. Teachers have crossed our paths to help us grow and discover our weaknesses, ego, fears and insecurities. As we master each lesson we discover our true potential, our authentic splendor.

Use these lessons to identify the direction you were meant to follow….

Discover Life, discover yourself.

Ongoing Lessons.