REGINALD LEWIS-The Mother and Child Connection 5/10/2012

Reginald Lewis

Reginald Lewis believes that every journey begins with YOU, the individual soul self and that each of us should strive to know our minds, our bodies, our spirits, our hearts and souls until we discover the endless possibilities inside and out.

Reginald Lewis knows his role and work in this life to be a calling by God and is committed to the ongoing development of his gifts to help guide others in their life journey and spiritual path.

Lewis’s sole purpose and intent as a professional intuitive advisor is not to tell you the future, but to be an alternative source to guide you with  spiritual insight on your life journey in becoming self aware and empowered to trust your own inner guidance, so that you can make your own decisions and mold your own future based upon the present and your natural right as a co-creator in the universe..

People will generally visit a psychic or clairvoyant because they need someone to tell them what to do, not realizing that they make their own future.

How you make the future is as simple as the choices you make on a daily basis by free will. No one can live your life for you, only you can and should. Everyone has their own pathway.

“I’m just a vessel, a spiritual channel  to help you along that path when your stuck or lost. Like a map or GPS that shows you many roads to your destination, but in the end you have to make the choice which road to take.  We all have gifts and talents, we all have the answers, it’s just a matter of truly listening to your own intuition, the inner voice of your “

Reginald Lewis joins me tonight to honor of all mothers around the world.


Soul’s Journey Radio

Sahvanna Arienta is the founder and creator of Soul’s Journey Radio, an internet radio station for Psychics, Astrologers and other  Lightworkers.

Soul’s Journey Radio is a place where hosts with heightened spiritual ability come together and share their knowledge, gifts and experience with the listening audience. Sahvanna is a Medium with experience in Psychic reading, Spiritual Life Coaching.

Her new book “Lightworker”  explains who they are, why are they here, what their mission is, how do we recognize them and much more.

If you enjoy learning and sharing the gifts of the spirit, join us to uplift each other and re energize our lives.