Chief Nathaniel Styles and Prince Emmanuel: Honoring Africa 9/16/2012

Chief Nathaniel Styles Jr

Chief Nathaniel Styles Jr. has been traveling to Africa for over 25 years. Through these travels he has met numerous Life Teachers, Artists. Successful Businessmen and Women as well as Simple Every Day People.

During one of these trips Chief Styles met Prince Emmanuel of Nigeria at the National Museum Complex where he was performing with a Dance Troupe run by Twin brothers. Twins are Sacred in the Yoruba Culture. It was years later while working on the Osun’s Village Miami-Osun Osogbo Cultural Exchange that Prince Emmanuel Aderele and the Chief began to discuss traveling to Miami as Artist in Residence at the Osun’s Village and African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor.

Chief Nathaniel B. Styles Jr. a Native Floridian of West African and Native American Ancestry, was educated at Universities in the USA and Europe and has travelled to more than 50 Countries throughout the globe. Styles has been bestowed Chieftaincy Titles in Ghana, West Africa-Nana Kwaku Ankobeahene II Aduana Clan (Chief with the Unmoveable Seat) and Otunba Fosungbade of Alayemore Kingdom, Ido Osun Nigeria.

Chief Nathaniel and Prince Emmanuel traveled to Africa to celebrate the Osun Festival, followed by the King of Oyo’s Sango Festival celebration both in Nigeria.

We’ll be talking about Culture, Spirituality, Ancestors and Traditional Celebrations.

This will be a great show!