Through The Lens with Jose Luis Martinez and Andres LaBrada 4/5/2014

Jose Luis Martinez and Andres LaBrada

Looking Thru the Lens

Co Host: Monica Rosales of DocMiami

Special guests: Born in Brooklyn, New York, Andres LaBrada, after being handed a Nikon F SLR camera from his parents as a child, began a lifelong journey in the medium of photography and film. After mastering cinematography at the University of Miami’s Cosford cinematography and film studies, Andy went on to direct and produce productions featured at film festivals across the United States & United Kingdom. With his lifelong passion in Photography and years of working in the film medium, Mr. LaBrada now uses the techniques of film/video production in his photography collection.

Jose Luis Martinez began his career in the Miami talent industry as a booking agent. In Los Angeles, he worked on a motion picture production desk at International Creative Management (ICM), where he had the opportunity to support several Academy Award winning clients. Upon returning to Miami, Jose Luis worked with the Miami International Film Festival to help plan and execute its 25th edition; an eleven-day event that featured world premieres and A-list stars. Upon returning to Miami, Mr. Martinez worked with the Miami International Film Festival to help plan and execute its 25th edition; an eleven-day event that featured world premieres and A-list stars. Jose Luis also works to help shed light to human rights issues in Cuba.

You are all invited to see and listen how “through the lense” these artists bring reality into full view.

David Sasscer 8/22/2010

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Dave is a New York City based singer songwriter. He was raised in Puerto Rico and currently performs his mesmerizing version of polyglot Spanish and English rock and reggae songs in clubs around New York City. He has just released his new album of Spanish Rock songs called “Cuentos de la Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno); available on iTunes and other online outlets. Dave is a New York City based singer/songwriter. His work is characterized by island-tinged rock rhythms underpinning consistently mesmerizing pop/rock songs. He is joined in the studio and onstage by a roving group of musicians that go by the name the “Mojo Conga Jam”. Regular members of the “MCJ” include David Patterson on guitar (alumnus of Atlanta Singer/songwriter Shaun Mullins and the Indigo Girls), David Gomez on percussion (internationally acclaimed Latin Jazz percussionist and Hiram Bullock/Omar Hakim collaborator), and various other luminaries of the NYC music scene. Dave incorporates varied rhythms into his writing, including reggae, rock and salsa, to name a few. The end results are sometimes playful, sometimes soulful, sometimes down-right rockin’, but always evocative tunes that the NYC crowd has begun to call “rhythmic rock”. Dave grew up in Puerto Rico and incorporates Spanish into many of his songs along with the random Hebrew rap and snippets of Yoruba chanting. His songs have appeared on television shows, feature films and international DVD releases and have been played on the radio all around the world. He has also worked with such stars at Richie Havens and has pitched songs to internationally acclaimed artists including Norah Jones and Carlos Santana.

Artist – Tony Mendoza 8/16/2009

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I love Miami, Ocean Drive, Art Deco buildings. I love Latin Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Conga. And the food…. I love the food!  The only thing missing in our lives is Tony Mendoza’s Art. When you experience the whimsical, humorous and vibrant colors of the vignettes in Miami’s Latin City Scape you will want to bring Miami and the Latin flavors home!

Born in New York City to Cuban parents, Mendoza grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami where you can see the impact the Cuban influence has in his art.   You can almost hear the sounds of the Rumba music coming out of the buildings, the hustle and bustle of every day life. You can hear the children’s laughter and smell the tobacco and cuban cafe!  Come along for sneak peek into this amazing Artist’s work.