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Julia Torres, a Gulf War Vet, former undercover cop & author of  “Still Standing” and “Bolder & Braver” Worked in Grand Jury cases, extradition, juvenile, and pre-trial. Narcotics, gambling, organized crime, and major crimes in local, state, and federal levels. Retired after twelve years due to a military service-connected injury.

Miami Police Chief Nelson Andreu Sr. Author of a Miami murder mystery novel,  “Dead Red” Nelson specializes in death investigations, police related shootings and in-custody deaths, polygraph examination, interviews and interrogations, crime scene investigation, police procedures, and serial killers.

Master Trooper, Lester Burns, retired after  a 30 year career with two wars in Iraq as a soldier. Lester Burns responsibilities  varied from traffic, vehicular accidents, homicide and fugitive cases. As a trooper, Burns has survived two police shootings

Lieutenant Nitin Daniels, from West New York, NJ. Police Department.  Lt. Daniel’s worked patrol, investigations in the detective bureau and supervised units. Daniels was involved in local, state, and federal cases involving narcotics, gambling, and organized crime. Lieutenant Nitin Daniels  retired after twenty-five years of service



Julia Torres

Interview with Author Julia Torres

“Julia from playground battles in New Jersey to Operation Desert Shield, from battling the effects of a date-rape drug to government-ordered BP pills silently waging war on her body. This is the explosive story of a young woman who never backs down, whether a decorated soldier bringing to light the cover-up of sexual harassment in the armed forces or later working as an undercover agent. As a high school and college English/Theatre teacher for forty-seven years, I recommend this brave, jaw-dropping book that chronicles the experiences of a true hero for readers 14 to 94.” ~ Sarah Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Open Hydrant Theatre Company, Bronx, New York

“In her memoir, Julia vividly and candidly invites us to share intimate moments which shaped her into the woman she is today, still standing. Her personal account of perseverance and triumph reminds us that our circumstances do not define us but rather molds us into the best version of ourselves.” ~ Patty Smith, LT COL, USA

PARTY TIME 1/16/2011

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Cubana has been working too much and needs a break. My guest Regla Cumba is getting ready to move to the Island of Miami this weekend LOL So I am taking a beautiful vacation with my amazing friends, YOU! Come hang out with me and who is making the mojitos? SugarCane Rush, Sandy La Loba, Jamie Catto, Rich Ferguson, Brule N Airo and much more…. Hey, and we are giving away Sandy La Lobas CD, REGRESE PA QUEDARME To talk to the host or guest call 347-843-4717 In this case I am the producer, the host and guest. You guys are so darn lucky lol


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Hudson County NJ. was an amazing place to grow up in and attend school. Many of us remember when Ron Howard, the Fonz, Joanie and others were on Happy Days. We also enjoyed Laverne and Shirley, the great film “Saturday Night Fever” with John Travolta. Farrah Fawcett and the other angels. Gladys Knights and the Pips, Barry White, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, Elton John, Tony Orlando and Dawn. The famous duets Donny and Marie and Sonny and Cher. The heart throb Tony De Franco and shows like Brady Bunch to name a few of what our culture was like back in the day. We will reminisce about this little piece of Heaven on Earth that made our Neighborhood. The place we love so much and for many of us, after thirty years are not able to forget. Jiannell Tavarez swings by Cubanarama to talk about the third Hudson County Reunion and future plans for the Fourth Year. We are proud to be from Hudson County.