Jose Concepcion Rodriguez Moreno

A brother goes missing in Mexico and family in the USA  feel their hands are tied.

What does a family do in cases like these? Unfortunately, we see and hear too many cases like these where families fear reporting a missing loved one due to repression.

Jose Concepcion Rodriguez Moreno quit school and began hard physical labor at the tender age of 14. He always had dreams of becoming something more and he did. He studied law and became a lawyer in Mexico.

It is unclear what took place the days, weeks and months before be disappeared or what cases he was working on.

Relatives are desparate to hear from him and bring him home.

Special guests: Detective James Copenhaver and widely acclaimed Psychic Gale St John

Cubanarama Missing in America: Where is Marie Hanson? 9/29/2011 – UPDATE


Marie Hanson

With the help of Rina, a born psychic, spiritual healer, clairvoyant, and mystic. Rina Gonzalez is also an ordained minister. Together with family members we will seek  answers that led to Marie Hanson’s disappeance on July 8th, 2011 the loving, devoted mother, grandmother and wife  packed her bags and got into a car with her neighbor in South Lake Tahoe.

He unexpectedly had a seat empty for the drive up to Skookum Meadow in Skamania County, Washington, where he planned to attend the Rainbow Family of Living Light’s annual gathering. Marie Hanson had never been to a Rainbow Gathering before and seemed to have a pretty foggy idea of what they were all about. Calling it a “peace rally”, her impression seemed to be one of a small group of peace-loving people camping in nature for a few days. So she excitedly kissed her family goodbye and left for what was intended to be a nine day voyage of peace.

Marie called her husband as she approached the rural area 16 miles east/southeast of Mount St. Helens. She told him that she loved him and would see him on July 10th, and then she continued with her companions into the forest. She was never seen or heard from by her family again.

Marie is a responsible, integral member of her community and has been for years. She is a devoted member of her family. Marie Hanson is loved and missed by her family.

If you have any information, no matter how insignificant you think it may be: call the SLTPD @ 530-542-6110 MARIE HANSON case#1107-1214 OR Skamania County Sheriff (509) 427-9490 Case #11-05271

UPDATE: 10/9/2011 – human remains and jewelry were found at the search site.


Bobby Smelcer

Gale St John will be on Cubanarama helping the family of 52-year-old Bobby Smelcer who went missing from his Shelbyville home November 21, 2010, and now police suspect foul play. That was the last time anyone saw Bobby Smelcer. That day he worked at a mechanic shop, went grocery shopping and ate a meal. But what happened after is a mystery.

Bobby has 7 sisters and brothers, two daughters and several grandchildren. His family misses him and they need answers.

Gale St. Johns tries to uncover the mystery behind Bobby’s disappearance  while guiding his sister Kristy on a blind drive in search of Bobby.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. Concerned citizens also added several more thousand dollars to the pot.
The total reward for information concerning the disappearance of Bobby Smelcer now stands at $5,000.
Contact the Shelbyville Police Department at 931-684-5811 or anonymously at Crimestoppers at 931-685-4300.

Gale St John will be taking a short break from doing live shows with Cubanarama because of her commitment to missing persons, she is getting one of her dogs certified to do searches. We will continue doing the missing persons segment with highly recommended psychics.  If you want a private reading with Gale she is available, check her website.