Even through her own struggles, Ami Ahuja has never lost the ability to remain optimistic and increase the positivity in her life. She now wants to share 8 of her most impactful tips to help others jump-start their own happiness. Ami uses the acronym UMBRELLA to teach key insights, from Understanding and Managing to Learning and Attracting. And, while Ami continually strives to reach new goals and new heights personally and professionally, one vision remains a constant for her: empower others to achieve their own dreams in life. Live Positively with Ami’s Umbrella – 8 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Happiness provides guidance to do just that.

Ami Ahuja is a wife and mother, entrepreneur, sales coach and the organizer of a woman’s journey with a little over 880 members and growing. Ami loves spending time with her children, teaching them the best of Indian & American culture.  She has worked in retail & sales since 1995 and together with her husband Sonny, both managed their own trade shows in Chicago, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, Vegas & Memphis and own stores in malls & e commerce websites. Ami was chosen “Mrs. Milwaukee 2011″ Runner Up at Mrs. Wisconsin 2011. She was awarded People’s Choice Best Photogenic at Mrs. WI 2011.

THE LAS VEGAS PIANO MAN 11/26/2011 at 8pm CST

Roberto Vazquez

Since then his musical career has taken many eclectic twists and turns and given him the opportunity to play in such prestigious and diverse settings as a 3-year stint as a French Horn player with the Symphonic Orchestra of Carabobo, Venezuela to shows, television appearances and recordings with numerous celebrities of the American mainstream and Latin music world such as Marion Meadows, Ricardo Montaner, Carlos Vives, Francisco Cespedes, Laura Pausini, Silvio Rodriguez, Brenda K Star, Ed Thigpen,  Albita Rodriguez, Diango, Alejandra Guzman, Malena Burke,  Ilan Chester, Meme Solis, Paty Manterola, Yolandita Monge, Charlie Zaa & Chayanne among others.
His television appearances have included the Latin Grammys, Sabado Gigante, Despierta America, Escandalo TV and Don Francisco Presenta to name a few and his touring credits have taken him to over a hundred cities in the USA, Sweden, Indonesia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Roberto Vazquez
has recently co-written the song ‘Sand Dancers’ on Marion Meadows’ release ‘Secrets’ which has received glowing reviews for the song itself as well as for Roberto’s spicy keyboard solo in publications such as Billboard Magazine, All About Jazz, Smooth Jazz Vibes and several more.
Roberto continues to compose and record and also performs for audiences of more than 4000 people every single week playing keyboards and horns in the prestigious impersonator stage show, ‘Legends In Concert’ in Harrah’s Casino on the world-famous Las Vegas strip.

Roberto’s latest project, his first solo album, Between Two Worlds, is a brilliantly written, performed and produced collection of original tunes that combines Roberto’s visionary interpretations of the best of smooth jazz and Latin influences to create sound that is new and original and that showcases Roberto’s impeccable musicality, original vision and promises to be a huge success.

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Heriberto (Nony) Herrera

Heriberto (Nony) Herrera husband of  Johanna Blake, Senior Vice President at US Trust, Bank of America is missing.  How does a man, woman, child and families disappear into thin air?

What is a family left with when a loved one is gone without warning? The emptiness, fear, anger and guilt that follow have to be directed in a positive way, but how?

With the help of Rina Gonzalez, a born psychic, spiritual healer, clairvoyant, and mystic. Rina Gonzalez is also an ordained minister. Together with Heriberto’s sister Mari, we will seek  answers that led to Noni’s disappearance on May 14, 2010

The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking information regarding Heriberto “Nony” Herrera, 40, who has been reported as missing. Herrera is believed to have disappeared in the Mount Charleston area.

The father and primary caregiver of twins was last seen at his home May 13. He was wearing a blue half-cast on the lower portion of his left arm and has a condition that requires medication.

Herrera is Hispanic,  5’10, weighs 200 pounds and has brown eyes and a fair complexion.

Anyone with information are asked to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Missing Persons at 828-3111 or 828-5678.


Debbie Fores Narvaez

Welcome to “Cubanarama Missing In America”

When Las Vegas Showgirl and Former NFL Cheerleader Debbie Flores Narvaez mysteriously disappeared on December 12, 2010, her family knew Debbie was in trouble. The following week her sister Celeste made arrangements to fly to Las Vegas and begin searching for Debbie.

Celeste spent Christmas and New Year away from her young children, never losing hope of finding her sister alive.  She returned home to see and hug her kids with the idea of returning to Vegas and continue the search when she received word that her sister had been murdered.

The death of a loved one is considered one of our most painful experiences in life and when a life is cut short with great violence and cruelty we want to know the spirit is at peace. Celeste Flores Narvaez feels her sister’s spirit is around her but wants reassurance from Psychic Gale St John about supernatural activity in her home.

Sharing the evening, Writer and Serial Killer researcher Diana Montane, her latest book ” I Would See A Girl Walking”