Cuba and the USA – A Musical Journey with Prof. Fernando Hernandez

Cuba and the USA- A Musical Journey

Since the 19th century Cuban music has been hugely popular and influential throughout the world. If you listen, you will hear traces in the tracks of pop, jazz, funk, rock, R&B and other genres of music so many of us listen to.

Professor Fernando (Fernan) Hernandez willl discuss how Cuban music has permeated the mainstream American music, particularly jazz, its rich history and the eras the impacted American Culture the most since the 30’s with the popular cha cha cha, conga, and the rumba.

Tonight at 8pm CST

V is for Valentine’s! Get your mind out of the gutter!


Our list of musicians in no particular order:

E.G. Holmes:

Papo Ortega-Cubanoson:

Corey Koehler:

Tracy Walton:

Jorge Sanchez “Papito”

Yamila Guerra:

Mathias the Piano Man:

Candi Sosa:

Wenso Ashby:

Jana Mashonee:

Rob Anthony:

Sugarcane Rush

Bryan Pezzone :



Victor Cegarra

Victor Cegarra works with a variety of artists, musicians, recording, performing in concerts at small and large venues in the USA as well as abroad. Born in Venezuela, at the age of 7, Victor studied the “cuatro” (a Venezuelan guitar with only 4 strings) Later, he studied guitar basics for some time and moved on to his first piano lessons at the age of 9. At age 13 he went yet to Lino Gallardo National Conservatory of Music to study complementary piano. Once in college, his piano instructors, Olegario Diaz and Marcus Vinicio da Fonceca introduced Cegarra to jazz and Brazilian music. Other Latin styles were self-taught as he was an avid listener of salsa, cumbia, merenge and other popular genres. The next few years Victor became involved with other musicians and performed a variety of styles ranging from American Pop, Latin, and Jazz. After performing, recording, and some light touring, he shared his knowledge of music by educating others. First, as a piano instructor for the Torrance Dept of Parks & Recreation, teaching children and adults. Later, as a regular Elementary School Teacher for the LA Unified School District where he has been teaching since July 1998. In June 2001 Cegarra obtained a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from The California State University at Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.  In early 2003 he partnered with Gilberto Torres and released his first solo project a piano and flute duo, performing traditional Venezuelan tunes with influences of Jazz and Classical Styles called “Venezuela Desde Afuera” Today, you will find Victor Cegarra performing alongside well known and talented Cuban singer Candi Sosa, also with Gilberto Torres and other LA Musicians, performing in concerts, private events, clubs and restaurants while continuing to produce and record music at his home studio.


Alice Leonz is a singer & songwriter involved in many music collaboration projects with musicians from around the world. Besides working as a recording artist, she also performs in many venues and music festivals in Indonesia. Ronggowisnu is a songwriter, composer and arranger. At a very young age, Ron was introduced to classical electone and classical guitar. As a teen, he was influenced by the 90’s glam rock and heavy metal. During his college years he concentrated on studying jazz piano and keyboard, with Riza Arshad, one of Indonesia’s famous jazz musicians.Alice and Ron may be a world away but they are very much a part of the music scene in many countries, cultivating and nurturing relationships with other musicians via the internet and social media to create musical projects that are unique and unlike any other you may have heard.

This couple is not afraid to tackle any project or musical challenge. Always thinking of ways to give back to the community, Alice and Ron joined the organization “Passion of Indonesia.”  POI has been in existence and helping the poor and the needy for 7 years by feeding, clothing, tutoring and offering medical assistance to areas of Jakarta, Kupang, Rote and Bali.

It was inevitable for this entrepreneur couple to find ways to help their country meet the needs of people who are displaced in slums, living by railroads or begging for food and money. “Sweet Christmas” album was born out of the need to give back to the Community. With a concept in mind and a few good friends to lend a hand, the project was completed in time for all the fans to enjoy Sweet Christmas melody with our families and at the same time giving back to people around the world who are in absolute poverty.



María del Carmen Munné

María del Carmen Munné, emigró con su familia a Miami, Florida en el 1962 desde la Isla de Cuba. En su hogar, siempre se escuchaba la música en Español de artistas favoritos y la música en Inglés de su país adoptivo. Este amor e influencia del arte de ambas culturas se convirtieron en el fundamento de lo que es ella hoy artísticamente. María del Carmen, conocida por su público como “La Munné” trae a sus presentaciones la riqueza de su extensivo repertorio en ambos idioma. La dualidad de esta artista hace que ella disfrute de un publico de varias generaciones. En sus propias palabras: “Es tan importante mantener la música viva.  Si yo puedo inspirar a alguien, si puedo despertar algo dentro de ellos, eso es una bendición.”

Maria Del Carmen ha sido invitada a programas de TV internacionales y locales, a “Hoy Como Ayer” en Miami. En el Club Mambo’s Café en Los Ángeles, California. Como estrella invitada especial en el show de la cantautora Cubana, Candi Sosa en Alfaro’s Lounge de Miami. Tambien, se ha presentado Casa Panza, Galería Cuba Ocho, I Love Calle Ocho y en Alfaro’s Lounge, donde sus shows se realizan con entradas agotadas durante todo el año.

Su primera producción, “Alma, Cuerpo y Corazón”, debutó hace tres años.  Actualmente está finalizando las grabaciones de su próximo CD, “La Munné: Ternura y Pasión” cual estara a la venta en Marzo del 2014.  Su primera producción en Ingles, “All of Me” incluirá music de jazz, entre otras.

Para mas información contacte a: Teléfono: (305) 244-3905


If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton – If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton began his career in music by picking up his first guitar at the age of 10. He quickly realized that his ear bent towards the low end and he switched to bass. His teen years brought a string of punk and hard rock bands, local glory, and a gig teaching at an area music store. The journey to rock and roll stardom has many bumps, and when the only apartment he and his band mates could afford was condemned, he knew he was in serious need of a plan B.He bought an old plywood and started playing Zeppelin grooves on it to find his bearings. He soon tracked down Dave Santoro Professor at Berklee College of Music for lessons and after a summer of instruction, Tracy accepted a scholarship to study jazz at the Hartford Conservatory.Tracy soon joined the Eric Miller Trio, a straight ahead jazz group that logged close to 200 shows a year in the mid-nineties. After a few years, what started as a joke of quoting classic rock lines during solos, turned into the formation of the female fronted rock act Missing Slim. It was at this time that he also joined the faculty of The National Guitar Workshop and Kent School.

So having finally found that steady gig to fall back on, Tracy decided in 2010 that it was time to start “Brand New Again” and focus all of his energy on his solo career.  And with the release of “If I Ever Get Away”, 2013 is starting out strong featuring the song “Songs for You” which many are calling Tracy’s best song to date and his breakout track.

Join Cubanarama as Tracy talks about his new album and listen to great music!


ILIANA ROSE 5/9/2013


Iliana Rose

Iliana Rose is nothing short of a fantastic musician. As an accomplished piano player, percussionist, clarinetist and vocalist, she performs with her band and sits in with some of the finest session players in Los Angeles and Miami. As a percussionist her timing is phenomenal and impeccable. She never misses a beat.

As a singer her voice is pure, warm, sensual and beautiful to listen to. Iliana captivates an audience in English, Spanish and even a little Portuguese and has a unique ability to phrase that is given only to natural born jazz singers.

Born in Miami, and raised by Cuban parents and grandparents, Iliana is steeped in Cuban rhythms and culture. She is a genuine prodigy who started playing music at the age of four only to later graduate from the prestigious University of Miami with a double major, one in Studio Music & Jazz Voice and another in Clarinet Performance.

She then moved to Los Angeles where she presently lives composing music for films, orchestrating and arranging for twenty five piece Latin jazz bands, working as a recording engineer, producer, lyricist and is the voice behind several radio commercials. Plus she was an on-air personality for a nationally syndicated radio show!

Iliana Rose is a complete entertainer. She is spontaneously funny and able to make intelligent hilarious conversations with audience members and it is impossible to resist her charm. In addition to all her talent she is also amazingly beautiful, a diva with a midriff meant to be revealed. When she performs you can’t take your eyes off her. Her presence commands your attention. We won’t soon forget this curvaceous Cuban babe!



Amy and Adams

Gone … aloft joins Amy & Adams’ 4 previous albums in the celebration of the musical journey that rarely repeats itself or rests for long in the same place; theirs and yours. From the Country/Blues/Grassified amble of Gold In Colorado, to the silken intimacy of the whispered Bossa Nova Gone Not Forgotten and the romantic ballad My Sweetest Taste, through the icy jazz combo attack of So Sick Of The Winter, the steel drum Caribbean Buffet I Don’t Want To Work For The Audio King No More, to the soaring orchestral finale Aloft, the writing, the arrangements, the vocals, and the instrumental performances on Gone … aloft are simply stunning.

Amy & Adams concerts have been on the spotlight on TV in the Twin Cities & Iowa City, IA. They have done live-in-studio spots on WCCO AM, WOI TV 5 & WHO AM, Des Moines, Iowa. Their music has been played on radio stations close to home and as far away as Belgium. Their first album Sail Away reached #9 on Kevin Elliot’s Folk, Country, Bluegrass top 20 on WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign, IL. The second CD Must Be Dreamin’ received national airplay and spent 14 weeks on The Roots Music Report Folk Top 40 chart in the summer of 2004. 2008’s LIVE: Under The Covers and 2010’s Dancing Through Time received critical praise and airplay all over the United States and some international airplay.



After almost  a decade of a break from music Rongo and Alice returned and continued the journey of their dream, making music again. Alice leonz  began her music career when she was very young. Alice sang solo gospel and with her choir. She also sang at various music festivals in her native Indonesia and later joined Ronggo’s Band to take the position as a lead vocals. Alice continued performing in local music events, festivals and teaching. After their break from music, the couple began exploring music opportunities, making friends and collaborating on projects. They met fellow musician Raul Rodriguez Jr. from Miami Florida. Raul Rodriguez Jr has been in the music business for 30 years, running a successful Recording Studio, he has produced many artists, made company jingles, collaborated on albums and projects with musicians around the globe: 3 Dreamers and a Horse, Sucarcane Rush, “Taste of the Island” Raul and the band contributed to the Cubanarama Radio Show by gifting the theme song “Cubanarama.” Joey Ortega, host of “Behind The Yellow Tape” is also grateful for the amazing theme song Raul orchestrated for his new show. Ari Lepisto, a great bass player from Pietarsaari of Finland also joined and worked on the new CD. Dreamwalkers Project has a variety of music: Jazz, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Rock, World Music, but best of all it is the music they love.