Jana Mashonee 12/18/2011

Jana Mashonee

Jana Mashonee, singer/songwriter, GRAMMY nominee and eight time NAMMY winner will appear at Carnegie Hall on December 16, in the New World Talent concert presented by the Brokers from Stribling to benefit City Harvest, the New York City organization which rescues unused food from restaurants and distributes it to the hungry.

During the event, the first international Artist to Artist Award will be presented to Shen Wei, the Chinese choreographer renowned for his direction and choreography of the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

The concert, featuring Ms. Mashonee will also include performances by Soprano Sarah Viola, pianists Julian Gargiulo, Maria Yefimova and Alex Salzman, , percussionist Rossen Nedelchev and dancer Alexandra Sawyier.

Jana Mashonee is a two time GRAMMY nominee for her “America Indian Story” CD and has won eight Native American Music Awards in every major category including Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and most recently Song of the Year for the single from her R&B album New Moon Born “A Change is Gonna Come.” Additionally, her videos have won numerous awards at film festivals all over the US and abroad.

Hit the link to hear Jana’s new single – Stay With Me Baby.


The Cubanarama Connection 12/12/2010

[wpaudio url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cubanarama/2010/12/13/the-cubanarama-connection.mp3″ text=”Click here to replay or download the show”]

Cubanarama connects with her audience. Tonight we play music from our juke box. Yamila Guerra, Yalil Guerra, Tito Puente Jr, Dave Sasscer, Arturo Jaramillo, Terio, Jamie Catto, Jana Mashonee, Ria, MJ Kroll, Brett Mikels, Corey Koehler, Rob Anthony, Gerardo Contino,Papo Ortega Cubanoson, Sandy La Loba and More!!!! Come to our musical buffet~


[wpaudio url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cubanarama/2010/05/10/entertainment.mp3″ text=”Click play to hear about MISS MOLLY RECORDS & BABY JADE PR on Cubanarama”]

Do you desire to succeed as an artist? You have talent, image, passion, perseverance, original songs that rivet the heart of your listeners. What else do you need? You need the total package, Miss Molly Records and Baby Jade PR, the professionals with people skills like no other and an understanding of the ever changing music business environment. Join us and hear what you need to do, to take your career to the next level.

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Jana Mashonee 9/6/2009

Jana Mashonee

Our Native American Queen JANA MASHONEE is a GRAMMY nominated, 7 times Native American Music Award winner.
You will love her new CD “New Moon Born” filled with upbeat rhythm and blues music.  New Moon is an album of Rebirth, new Beginnings and Reflection. Jana’s Voice will Captivate and Enlightened you. Spend an evening with Jana and connect with your soul.


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Won’t need much, grab a glass of wine or a beer, hold on to your dance partner. Light up your cigar and spend Una Noche with CUBANARAMA at the Cafeterro Patio “LIVE from her PATIO in Minneapolis MN.”

We are going to have a good time!

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