Orestes Matacena-Paro General y Desobediencia Civil en Cuba 4-1-2014 a las 12:pm


Orestes Matacena

Conversacion con el productor de peliculas y actor Orestes Matecena acerca del proyecto Abril1, 2014 a las 12:00PM, derechos humanos y el camino hacia la libertad para Cuba.

Cubano, la libertad de Cuba depende de ti! Dale la noticia a tu familia en Cuba para que sepan lo que tienen que hacer. Pueden hacer dos cosas buenas:

Tirarse para la calle o quedarse en sus casas sin salir. Paro general y Desobediencia Civil en Cuba este Martes, 1ro de Abril a las 12PM. como un acto o proceso de oposición pública a la política de un gobierno ostil como el que impera en nuestra patria. Unanse, sean activos en el proceso y el camino hacia la libertad en Cuba.

Falta un dia, Ayuda que se sepa en Cuba, inventa como! Corre la voz.




Baby let your hair hang down – Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Guest Co Host: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of DocMiami.org

Special Guest” Georgia Van Cuylenburg, a young Australian Comedian who lives in Hollywood California. Her life goal has always been to change the world – one smile at a time. In 2007 Georgia lost all of her hair suddenly and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. For the first time in her life she found it hard to smile. Rather than hiding away, choosing an easier career and giving in to her disorder Georgia decided to go loud and proud.

She allowed cameras into her life to share what it is like to be a woman, specially one who relies on her appearance to make a living, and to lose one’s hair. She shared her tears, her pain and her triumphs. And she put them all together into one film to show the world how she learned that life is not about the hair on your head, it is about the lessons you learn the friends you find and the difference you can make.

Baby Let Your Hair Down is a documentary that follows one girl on her journey from discovery to acceptance of her autoimmune disease.  Alopecia Areata (immune related hair loss. Before she had the condition Georgia worked as a hair model, actress and comedian and relied heavily on her appearance.


Tuesday night watch and Vote for Derek Garcia on SyFy 9/8 CST!!! SyFy Live reunion show will air Halloween night where  the winner will be chosen.

Derek Garcia

Co Host: Monica Rosales of DOCMIAMI.ORG

Guests: Derek Garcia and Eric Garcia

Derek Garcia -Age:31-Expertise: Airbrushing, Painting, Sculpting, Sketching. Occupation: Tattoo Artist at CBT Studio in Hollywood, FL. Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL. Residence: Miami, FL. Derek grew up doing monster make up creations on his fraternal twin brother, Eric Garcia, who was also a contestant on season three of Face Off.

Derek has worked alongside his brother on numerous projects including Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL, but the two have different styles. Derek’s style is traditional tattoo inspired. He recently returned from Germany, where he did Halloween Haunt with his teacher and mentor Bill McCoy. Derek currently resides in Miami with his wife. He is a tattoo artist and tattooed his brother’s arm with images from The Goonies.

Face Off will broadcast its third season finale LIVE from Los Angeles on Halloween night – Wednesday, October 31 –  at 10/9c.

McKenzie Westmore will host the special event and reunite the contestants, including the three finalists. They – along with the rest of America – will find out LIVE if they garnered enough viewer votes to win the season.

For the first time, America’s voice will be heard as viewers will make the final choice for the season three champion via a live voting feature that will be available immediately following the October 30 episode. .


Ghost Player

My co host: Monica Rosales of DocMiami the mover and shaker of DocMiami.og and the producers of Ghost Players.

In 1988, a very amazing thing happened in the middle of the United States.  A Hollywood film company made the decision to use a small cornfield in Dubuque County in the state of Iowa, near Dyersville, to make a movie that is inspirational, entertaining and philosophical. Since the movie “Field of Dreams” has been produced, it has achieved international fame.  Many organizations, companies and communities have used the term “build it and they will come” to provide impetus for major projects to move forward.  The state of Iowa has used the small dialogue, which refers to Iowa as “Heaven” in many of its promotions, recalling the answer to “Is this Heaven?” which states, “No, this is Iowa.”  A group of dedicated individuals carried the positive message and entertainment values around the world to tour, perform and spread a unique form of ambassadorship in various places in Europe, Asia and America.  The “Ghost Players” represent the players in the Field of Dreams and have shared the joy engendered by the movie to delight thousands of people.  American military bases have been the destinations for Ghost Player tours.  United States soldiers, their spouses and children and support people came to the performances by the Ghost Players.  The Ghost Players have been featured in Stars and Stripes, Newsweek, Baseball Weekly, ESPN and the major networks.  In the “Field of Dreams” movie, the character played by James Earl Jones says, “This field, this game, is a part of our past.  It reminds us of all that was once good, and it could be good again.”  Mr. Jones and the Ghost Players disappeared into the corn.  I know what happened to them.  I have it on tape.