If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton – If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton began his career in music by picking up his first guitar at the age of 10. He quickly realized that his ear bent towards the low end and he switched to bass. His teen years brought a string of punk and hard rock bands, local glory, and a gig teaching at an area music store. The journey to rock and roll stardom has many bumps, and when the only apartment he and his band mates could afford was condemned, he knew he was in serious need of a plan B.He bought an old plywood and started playing Zeppelin grooves on it to find his bearings. He soon tracked down Dave Santoro Professor at Berklee College of Music for lessons and after a summer of instruction, Tracy accepted a scholarship to study jazz at the Hartford Conservatory.Tracy soon joined the Eric Miller Trio, a straight ahead jazz group that logged close to 200 shows a year in the mid-nineties. After a few years, what started as a joke of quoting classic rock lines during solos, turned into the formation of the female fronted rock act Missing Slim. It was at this time that he also joined the faculty of The National Guitar Workshop and Kent School.

So having finally found that steady gig to fall back on, Tracy decided in 2010 that it was time to start “Brand New Again” and focus all of his energy on his solo career.  And with the release of “If I Ever Get Away”, 2013 is starting out strong featuring the song “Songs for You” which many are calling Tracy’s best song to date and his breakout track.

Join Cubanarama as Tracy talks about his new album and listen to great music!