Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Welcome to Humanity

My guest: Grandpaw Peter Koyote, his book: The Atomic Bum is now available on Amazon. The world today faces impending doom at nearly every turn. Wars and pandemics of unimaginable proportions, huge earthquakes, floods and storms are in the offing with no one able to stem the tide of disaster. But not everything in this life is as it appears to be…There are a few precious souls walking amongst us that do indeed contain the magic that could change it all… if only they could be awakened to it. The Atomic Bum is one of those people born to fulfill just such a Destiny, though as usual, we find him in one of the most unlikely places…Sitting by a campfire in a rare hobo jungle, recalling some very revealing stories His tales takes us through both Light and Dark Places, into a mystical world that few have ever seen. Though many have traveled through it unknowingly. Using experience as his guide the atomic bum rips away the veil of illusion from lifes deepest mysteries. As you read his tales, you will come to know a lot more of why this world operates as it does and of where this is taking us. That is if you read with an open mind and an open Heart…Those who dont will find a different result.



Grandpaw tell me about the good old days

There is nothing in the world that compares to the patience, advice, honesty, integrity and love of a grandpaw. If you are lucky enough to have memories of him, I bet you still go back to the files of advice and support whenever your heart is weary.

If you don’t have anywhere to turn to for memories of old that give you a sense of foundation for all that you are and all you will ever be, you may consider adopting Grandpaw Peter Koyote as your own granpaw.

Like your own grandpaw, I bet sometimes you thought he exaggerated, was silly, told a fable here and there to help you to understand the truth of the matter and the older you get the more wisdom you find in his teachings.

I also bet that you wonder how he did it, how his heart remained full of love and innocent seeing the world tainted from before his own birth…

I want to learn how to contain in my heart and my soul all the gifts that were bestowed upon me, I do not want to throw my pearls to the swines….

I want grandpaw to help me now and forevermore to keep integrity because the world will keep on changing but the goodness, hope and faith in my heart will remain forever…

Pass on the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of Grandpaw Peter Koyote