Heriberto “Nony” Herrera

Gale St. John was born in Toledo, Ohio; a somewhat shy woman, raised in a psychic family with her Mother and Maternal Grand Parents, practicing psychic and spiritual beliefs. Gale has been a practicing psychic since she was a child. She has been teaching psychic development classes and also doing private psychic readings for over 20 years now.

Gale has more recently been featured on Gerald Rivera’s ‘At Large’, Larry King Live, CNN’s ‘Nancy Grace’ and Psychic Detectives, (Court TV ),  “A Fateful Friendship” as an active working psychic detective.

Gale spends a lot of time working on murder and missing person cases helping police and investigators solve crimes. Gale St John is also working to further her education and her credentials as an EMT.



The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking information regarding Heriberto “Nony” Herrera, 40, who has been reported as missing. Herrera is believed to have disappeared in the Mount Charleston area.

The father and primary caregiver of twins was last seen at his home May 13. He was wearing a blue half-cast on the lower portion of his left arm and has a condition that requires medication.

Herrera is Hispanic,  5’10, weighs 200 pounds and has brown eyes and a fair complexion.

Anyone with information are asked to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Missing Persons at 828-3111 or 828-5678.

During this show, the missing man’s sister will drive from a location revealed during the show to where Gale perceives Heriberto Herrera can be found.



Jose Concepcion Rodriguez Moreno

A brother goes missing in Mexico and family in the USA  feel their hands are tied.

What does a family do in cases like these? Unfortunately, we see and hear too many cases like these where families fear reporting a missing loved one due to repression.

Jose Concepcion Rodriguez Moreno quit school and began hard physical labor at the tender age of 14. He always had dreams of becoming something more and he did. He studied law and became a lawyer in Mexico.

It is unclear what took place the days, weeks and months before be disappeared or what cases he was working on.

Relatives are desparate to hear from him and bring him home.

Special guests: Detective James Copenhaver and widely acclaimed Psychic Gale St John



Kim Wilson

Human interactions depend on a certain level of trust. You hope if help is ever needed from law enforcement that you will receive the aid needed. What happens when an adult goes missing in the USA and no one listens? The cries to law enforcement for help finding her sister fall on deaf ears. No one wants to be accountable for Kim Wilson also known as Kimberly Ann Harley’s disappearance.

Too many times we hear, “An adult has the right to go missing” from organizations and agencies that are supposed to be helping families and victims of foul play and crime. How are we to know if the adults went missing willingly or they have become victims of crime when no one investigates.


Dective Brad W. Bichler, St. Johns County sheriff’s Office at 904-810-6645

Missing Case#: SJS0110FF005585



Gale St. John

Joey Ortega investigator and co founder of Ullemeyer Group LLC. Joey Ortega is trained in the Reid Technique (interviewing/investigation), Joey Ortega has gained confessions consistently without a single prosecution ever being challenged in court.
This evening Ortega joins the team.  Guest Co Hosts: Jennifer Chase, Jennifer holds a bachelor degree in police forensics and a master’s in Criminology. Nelson Andreu Sr. known by Miami cops as the ‘dean of homicide’ and Gale St. John, the Psychic in the middle of the controversy in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Commentary to understand the evidence and why Gale St John is being subpoenaed by the defense attorney Jose Baez.



Gale St. John

Psychic Gale St. John knew what her own future had in store for her at the tender age of 7, the desire to help find people was in her heart. Gale has been working to solve missing persons cases, murders and cold cases for 35 years.

At age 9, St John was asked to meet Professor Joseph Banks Rhine for a battery of tests. Banks was a pioneer in the the field and founded the parapsychology lab at Duke University.

Gale St. John has been subpoenaed by the defense in the trial of Casey Anthony.




Terrye Newcomb and April Wehba along with fellow searchers will be conducting a blind drive with Gale St. John’s guidance on Wednesday, May 18 at 11am CST for the missing young girl Hailey Dunn who was 13 years old when she disappeared. Hailey was last seen on Monday December 27th at 1pm, at 1804 Chestnut Street in Colorado City, Texas. Dunn is a white female, 5’1′ with hazel eyes and brown hair and pierced ears. She was last seen wearing navy blue sweat pants, a short sleeve light colored T-shirt and pink and white tennis shoes. Please call 325-728-5294 with any information on the whereabouts of Hailey.


Based upon the blind drive here is the rough area the searchers are looking in.


1st Hailey Dunn show 1st Hailey Dunn show

1st blind 1st blind show

3rd Hailey Dunn show 3rd Hailey Dunn show

The Skelton Boys 4/12/2011

Skelton Boys

The Skelton Boys

The three boys, 9 year old Andrew, 7 year old Alexander and 5 year old Tanner Skelton were reported missing on Nov. 26th 2010 from Morenci, Michigan. They were abducted by their father, John Skelton, who was found in neighboring Lucas County, Ohio. According to police John Skelton lied to investigators when he said he gave the boys to a female acquaintance to hand over to their mother before he tried to commit suicide. John Skelton waived extradition and remains incarcerated on a 3 million dollar bond.

Nelson Andreu Sr.- “the dean of homicide” will be with us this evening

Gale St. John – psychic & retired PI

Susan Goins – missing persons case worker.

Cold Cases Part- Jodi’s abduction IV 3/15/2011 8pm CST

Cold Cases with Cubanarama & Gumersindo Vidot

“If we really want to solve the Jodi Huisentruit case we have to get down and dirty, step on some toes and get personal. By first beginning to bark up the right tree.


Police started off on the wrong track and allowed themselves to get steered in the wrong direction by false police reports that I belive were deliberate in order to get the heat off those responsible.”
Gumersindo Vidot Private Investigator/Co-Host

With Special Guests

Jennifer Chase an Award Winning Author and Criminologist, Ms Chase holds a bachelor’s degree in police forensics and a master’s degree in criminology. In addition, she holds certifications in serial crime and criminal profiling. She is also an affiliate member in the criminology section of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

Gary Peterson is a long time investigative reporter that has been working on the Jodi Huisentruit case for over years, Gary was a crime reporter on the north side of Minneapolis working for KSTP which required working the streets 24 hours a day and is certified by the Air Force in ground search and rescue techniques and procedures. He is also a Death Scene Investigator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiners Office. He is a member of Texas EquuSearch assisting in locating missing people worldwide.

Gale St John has been a practicing psychic since she was a child. She has been teaching psychic development classes and also doing private psychic readings for over 20 years now. Gale has more recently been featured on Gerald Rivera’s ‘At Large’, Larry King Live, CNN’s ‘Nancy Grace’ and Psychic Detectives, (Court TV ), “A Fateful Friendship” as an active working psychic detective. Gale spends a lot of time working on murder and missing person cases.

Cold Cases with Cubanarama, Gumersindo Vidot, Gale St. John, Jennifer Chase & Gary Peterson 3/08/2011



Cold Cases with Cubanarama & Gumersindo Vidot

The idea for the Cold Cases Radio Show was born after a heart to heart conversation I had with my daughter about missing children, women and men. I mentioned Jodi Huisentruit during the conversation and that evening Jodi’s picture was engraved in my mind, it was like a song that played over and over and over. I called PI Gumersindo Vidot and told him I had an idea for a missing person’s show and I wanted him to be a part of it. Gumersindo put together a team of experts I could have only dreamed of, Award Winning Author and Criminologist Jennifer Chase. Most known for her work in missing person cases Psychic & Medium Gale St. John. Death Scene Investigator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiners Office and Co Investigator from FindJodi.com Gary Peterson.