ALICE & BJORN 12/2/2011

Alice and Bjorn

Talented Indonesian singer Alice Leonz & Swedish bass player Bj√∂rn Pehrson write and perform classic swing jazz songs with traditional sounds and ingenious lyrics that reminds us of great jazz classics of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Alice and Bjorn met on Kompoz, an online social network designed for music lovers to create songs with artists from around the world. Their professional union flourished as the couple worked together and recognized a similar vision for writing, singing and playing Jazz

They continue refining their music and carrying on in the footsteps of legendary musicians reaching old and new fans worldwide with their extraordinary sound.

In this project they are joined by gifted musicians from around the world.

“The Swinging Boys” are: Raul Rodriquez.Jr.,Chuck Mac, Marty Keil, Ronggowisnu Prihadi, Pascal Lopez , Hernan Alizieri, Mauro Clerici, Fredrik Zetterberg, Lonnie Wilson.