Piano Navideo con Daysi Celia

Daysi Celia Almirall, a pianist, and a versatile composer with a vast range of different rhythms and melodies. She was born Cuba, raised in a musical environment. At the tender age of 2 ½, she began to play piano by ear, inspired by children’s music and popular music of the times, she took part in a musical children’s program for Radio Emisora Cubana CMQ playing nursery rhymes on the piano. As an international artist she played a diverse repertoire in a unique 2011 Concert in Sweden. She has performed under the leadership of many times nominee musician Dr. Ed Calle as the pianist for the renowned MDC Commercial Music Ensemble. Of late Daysi Celia plays with the “MDC Salsa Jazz Band” under the direction of Rafael Valencia, while also directing her own Band “Daysi Celia`s Quartet”. A precedence on an ongoing evolution in her musical career, Daysi Celia was invited to perform as the Pianist in the band of famous Gloria Estefan`s “HOTEL NACIONAL” Video

Daysi Celia has had the honor of composing the lyrics and music for the Official 30th Anniversary of the Kiwanis of Little Havana, “El Carnaval de Miami”, 2008 of Calle Ocho, recorded by Cuban famous singer Albita Rodriguez, a huge a celebration embraced Miami’s cultural diversity people as they broke out in dance to form one other biguest conga lines ever witnessed thru Miami’s historical street “Calle Ocho”.  A versatile composer, “I am inspired to compose Music through my own, and other’s experiences. There are times that I dream Music and wake up, it doesn’t matter the time, I run to my piano place the notes and words, they flow like a river, I fear that if I take a break, the music will fall into oblivion.”  Daysi always shares beautiful stories and top notch quality music with Cubanarama and her listeners. The new CD “Piano Navideño”



Daysi Celia y su musica

Daysi Celia Almirall es la compositora, Música y Letra, de la Canción Oficial del Treinta Aniversario de la Calle Ocho, de los Kiwanis de la Pequeña Habana, “El Carnaval de Miami”, interpretada por la reconocida famosa cantante cubana Albita Rodríguez y la cual fue celebrada con una larga conga arrollando por la Calle Ocho de Miami. Otro de sus temas Cubano de Corazón”dedicado al famoso bajista cubano Israel López Cachao, ha sido grabado por su misma banda Cachao’s All Star Band siendo el debut de la canción en el MDC LATIN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2008, en un homenaje al Maestro Cachao.

“MI ENTREGA” (My Surrender)is the latest musical production of pianist-composer Daysi Celia, who in this CD beautifully performs 13 popular songs and her own compositions in a variety of rhythms.

“Mi Entrega” esta a la venta en ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon, y Reverbation.

Daysi Celia playing the piano in Hotel Nacional




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