Party with Cubanana like its 2099 1/2/2011

Party with Cubana

Cubana talks about goals for the new year… Open mic and chat. Featuring some of our favorites musicians: Sugarcane Rush,Steve Pichan, Jana mashonee, Rob Anthony, Iliana Rose, Yalil Guerra, Terio, David Sasscer,Aysha, Ria, Gerardo Contino, Cubanoson and more.


2010 Show Countdown II 12/27/2010

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Starting with March tonight with Co Host Pedro Punales.

Sandy La Loba, Reyso,Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women In Trucking Inc,Rinna Gustilo,Dorian Alberto Grey,Jose Caballero,Papo Ortega Cubanoson.

In April, Oskar Kamelo, Juan Miguel,Alberto Perozo, Gerardo Contino,Javier Voltaje, Debbie Snelling… and more. Come and have fun with us tonight. Don’t miss it!