Cuba and the USA – A Musical Journey with Prof. Fernando Hernandez

Cuba and the USA- A Musical Journey

Since the 19th century Cuban music has been hugely popular and influential throughout the world. If you listen, you will hear traces in the tracks of pop, jazz, funk, rock, R&B and other genres of music so many of us listen to.

Professor Fernando (Fernan) Hernandez willl discuss how Cuban music has permeated the mainstream American music, particularly jazz, its rich history and the eras the impacted American Culture the most since the 30’s with the popular cha cha cha, conga, and the rumba.

Tonight at 8pm CST

Benny Moré Cuban Icon and Jon Secada’s Music CD controversy


Benny Moré Cuban Icon and Jon Secada’s Music CD controversy

Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré (24 August 1919 – 19 February 1963), known as Benny Moré, was a Cuban singer, bandleader and songwriter. With his fluid tenor voice he triumphantly won the title of  El Bárbaro del Ritmo, and  El Sonero Mayor. With his grace, Moré eloquently merged musical genres such as the bolero, mambo, cha cha cha, son, guaracha, and son montuno.  Benny was an engenious singer and composer, he is considered one of the most influential musician and popular singer Cuba has ever produced.

Roly More, MD “PhD” his prodigious grandson who lives in the USA pays tribute to his ancestry and  Benny Moré’s Anniversary. 

We will discuss the recent jon secada’s CD release paying tribute to Benny Moré.

V is for Valentine’s! Get your mind out of the gutter!


Our list of musicians in no particular order:

E.G. Holmes:

Papo Ortega-Cubanoson:

Corey Koehler:

Tracy Walton:

Jorge Sanchez “Papito”

Yamila Guerra:

Mathias the Piano Man:

Candi Sosa:

Wenso Ashby:

Jana Mashonee:

Rob Anthony:

Sugarcane Rush

Bryan Pezzone :



Piano Navideo con Daysi Celia

Daysi Celia Almirall, a pianist, and a versatile composer with a vast range of different rhythms and melodies. She was born Cuba, raised in a musical environment. At the tender age of 2 ½, she began to play piano by ear, inspired by children’s music and popular music of the times, she took part in a musical children’s program for Radio Emisora Cubana CMQ playing nursery rhymes on the piano. As an international artist she played a diverse repertoire in a unique 2011 Concert in Sweden. She has performed under the leadership of many times nominee musician Dr. Ed Calle as the pianist for the renowned MDC Commercial Music Ensemble. Of late Daysi Celia plays with the “MDC Salsa Jazz Band” under the direction of Rafael Valencia, while also directing her own Band “Daysi Celia`s Quartet”. A precedence on an ongoing evolution in her musical career, Daysi Celia was invited to perform as the Pianist in the band of famous Gloria Estefan`s “HOTEL NACIONAL” Video

Daysi Celia has had the honor of composing the lyrics and music for the Official 30th Anniversary of the Kiwanis of Little Havana, “El Carnaval de Miami”, 2008 of Calle Ocho, recorded by Cuban famous singer Albita Rodriguez, a huge a celebration embraced Miami’s cultural diversity people as they broke out in dance to form one other biguest conga lines ever witnessed thru Miami’s historical street “Calle Ocho”.  A versatile composer, “I am inspired to compose Music through my own, and other’s experiences. There are times that I dream Music and wake up, it doesn’t matter the time, I run to my piano place the notes and words, they flow like a river, I fear that if I take a break, the music will fall into oblivion.”  Daysi always shares beautiful stories and top notch quality music with Cubanarama and her listeners. The new CD “Piano Navideño”



María del Carmen Munné

María del Carmen Munné, emigró con su familia a Miami, Florida en el 1962 desde la Isla de Cuba. En su hogar, siempre se escuchaba la música en Español de artistas favoritos y la música en Inglés de su país adoptivo. Este amor e influencia del arte de ambas culturas se convirtieron en el fundamento de lo que es ella hoy artísticamente. María del Carmen, conocida por su público como “La Munné” trae a sus presentaciones la riqueza de su extensivo repertorio en ambos idioma. La dualidad de esta artista hace que ella disfrute de un publico de varias generaciones. En sus propias palabras: “Es tan importante mantener la música viva.  Si yo puedo inspirar a alguien, si puedo despertar algo dentro de ellos, eso es una bendición.”

Maria Del Carmen ha sido invitada a programas de TV internacionales y locales, a “Hoy Como Ayer” en Miami. En el Club Mambo’s Café en Los Ángeles, California. Como estrella invitada especial en el show de la cantautora Cubana, Candi Sosa en Alfaro’s Lounge de Miami. Tambien, se ha presentado Casa Panza, Galería Cuba Ocho, I Love Calle Ocho y en Alfaro’s Lounge, donde sus shows se realizan con entradas agotadas durante todo el año.

Su primera producción, “Alma, Cuerpo y Corazón”, debutó hace tres años.  Actualmente está finalizando las grabaciones de su próximo CD, “La Munné: Ternura y Pasión” cual estara a la venta en Marzo del 2014.  Su primera producción en Ingles, “All of Me” incluirá music de jazz, entre otras.

Para mas información contacte a: Teléfono: (305) 244-3905

My Trip To Cuba with Professor Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes 1/13/2012

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes is a professor of Latino/a literature and writing at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  Professor Rodriguez Milanes recently visited Cuba, an Island that offers 5 star world class resorts, hires foreign Chefs from Canada, France and Italy to ensure that the meals will delight the almost 2 million yearly visitors, magnificent beaches, dancing, music, and historic views while their citizens live under strenuous laws that subordinate freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Cuba where government maintains complete control over all forms of mass media, including newspapers, radio and television, an Island where criticism of national leaders can lead to imprisonment and even death. There has always been a mystery surrounding this Caribbean Island and Cecilia will tell us stories as only she can about family, education , living conditions, food prices, access to electricity, water, gas, architecture, changes, progress, Etc.

If you have always wondered about Cuba and would like to know more about  the Island from someone who has been there recently or if you are curious about the present Cuba, this is the show for you. Open Mic the last half hour, call with your questions.

Cecilia’s is a accomplished writer as well, her short fiction has been anthologized in Iguana Dreams: New Latino Fiction. Did My Mama Like to Dance? and Other Stories about Mothers and Daughters, and in New World: Young Latino Writers. Her short story collection, Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles which was released in June 2009 and Everyday Chica among others.

Noche Magica con Cubanarama Y Alexander Blade. Invitada Estrella Musical Anabel Blanco 1/03/2010

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Blessed with natural talent, Anabel Blanco’s unique, powerful, and melodic voice has taken her musical career to soaring heights! Join us this evening and feel the vibration. Anabel Blanco es bendecida con talento natural, su voz es unica, potente y melodiosa, la cual ha llevado su carrera al emcumbrado! Acercate esta noche y palpa su vibracion.


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Won’t need much, grab a glass of wine or a beer, hold on to your dance partner. Light up your cigar and spend Una Noche with CUBANARAMA at the Cafeterro Patio “LIVE from her PATIO in Minneapolis MN.”

We are going to have a good time!

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