Cuba: Facts and Myths with Victor Andres Triay PhD 6/23/2015


Cuba: Facts and Myths

Victor Andres Triay, PhD., is a novelist and historian. The Miami Herald referred to him as “a significant researcher of Cuban exile history.”   Born and raised in Miami to Cuban exile parents.

Victor’s first book, Fleeing Castro: Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children’s Program, was published by the University Press of Florida in 1998. Fleeing Castro was the first book length historical work on the topic. Three years later he published, again with the University Press of Florida, Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of Brigade 2506,  a historical account of the Bay of Pigs invasion told through the eyes of  the exile invasion force. In 2005 he co-authored, with Teo Babun,  The Cuban Revolution: Years of Promise, a photographic history of Fidel Castro’s war against Fulgencio Batista, Castro’s assumption of power, and his establishment of a  Stalinist dictatorship in Cuba. Victor recently released his first major work of historical fiction, a series entitled The Unbroken Circle. Book I, The Struggle Begins, was released in July 2013. Book II, Freedom Betrayed, was released in January 2014. Book III, On Freedom’s Shores, will be released in mid-2014

Victor is a resident of Middletown, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife, Emilia, and three children, Victor Andres, Jr., Gabriela Elena, and Francisco Xavier.



Amarilys Gacio Rassler, born into a family of occult practitioners. Her family escaped Communist Cuba in 1960 through the United States government program “Operation Peter Pan” In the 70’s Amarilys became deeply involved in the occult and driven by madness she nearly took her life. It was through calling on the Lord Jesus Christ that she came to her salvation and deliverance. Amarilys has since shared her testimony with the Body of Christ, for many years and this lead to a ministry of counseling. She’s given presentations in churches about the danger of the occult and the importance of spiritual warfare. She has served as a volunteer Chaplain for the Busch Gardens Theme Park in Florida for fifteen years and for eight years she has written and shared a weekly devotional Bible study for the employees of Busch Gardens under the leadership of Busch Garden’s vice-president, Mike Patrick. Six years ago, Amarilys discovered a new passion, ‘Writing’ To honor her parents and those in her native land, Amarilys wrote and published her first book, Cuban-American, Dancing On The Hyphen, a book of prose and poetry, telling the story of her immigration, and dealing with the plight of the Cuban people under Castro’s Communist regime. She has won awards for her poetry and prose. She has been published in the Florida Writers Association Magazine, The Florida Writer, Tampa Writers Alliance, Wordsmith and in Fiction 365. Presently, Amarilys is working on two memoirs, Beyond The Veil and Breach of Contract. She is also writing an anthology of fictional stories, Intersections, Tales of Suspense and Romance, Where the Natural Meets The Supernatural. She draws from her experiences and encounters with the warfare in the spirit realm. Amarilys’ Contact Information emails:  and

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The Cubans Our Footprints Across America

My guest: Fernando (Fernan) Hernandez

The Cubans-Our Footprints Across America traces the contributions that Cuban immigrants have made in the United States from as far back as the 1800’s until the present time. In 2012 Fernando Hernandez wrote “The Cubans Our Legacy in the United States” in music, education, sports, business, science, politics and many other sectors of society.

In this book the reader will discover how in 1930 A Havana bandleader traveled to New York City, recorded a million copy hit that kick started a Cuban music craze throughout the United States. Science Fiction lovers will learn that a Cuban-American was the writer, producer and story editor of many of the Star Trek episodes. An author born in 1865 in Brooklyn, NY of Cuban origin began his career at age 12, becoming a prolific boy’s fiction writer, earning the nickname the American Jules Verne. History buffs will enjoy reading about three sisters who became confederate spies during the Civil War and thanks to their bravery, a union warship was captured. New Yorkers and those who visit the Big Apple will read of the work of a structural engineer, born in Havana of immigrant Lithuanian Jews, who was known as “Mr. New York” for his engineering of the city’s skyscrapers, including the 70-story Trump World Tower. Read about a surgeon who in 2012 led a team of 150 Doctors, Nurses and others in Maryland in the most extensive face transplant ever performed in the world. The book also profiles those who serve the less fortunate, including the co-founder of Florida’s largest free clinic serving migrant workers. the working poor, the sick and families who fall between the cracks of America’s social system. This book is journal of Cuban Americans and the footprints they have left on their path across the United States.

ANTIQUES 2/3/2011

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“Antiques” the first Cuban- American crossover band to have hits on the radio is finally back with a vengeance. With four albums covering a decade of music, the group provides a fusion of funk and latin-rock. Tonight baby on Cubanarama To get tickets to for the upcoming concert Saturday, February 05, 2011 at 8:00 PM (ET) Miami, FL