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A glimpse of what is to come from the author’s own mouth: I was born in Eastern Canada to a family of modest means, but with deep roots dating back to the Mayflower. My ancestor in Massachusetts, though, only lasted a couple of weeks before coming into fatal contact with the local inhabitants, but thankfully his children arrived after and propagated profusely.

I studied English Literature at the University of New Brunswick and generally interacted quite well with some much smarter people. Indeed a couple of my profs awarded me their highest marks. But literary criticism is a hard subject in which to get really great marks (especially near the home of Northrup Frye) so I didn’t proceed onto reading the laws. Which may have been a good thing for both me and lawyerin’.

I tried soldiering, but that just proved that I was a bad shot and had a slight problem with authority (since resolved). So I entered the business world and have spent considerable amounts of my own time and other people’s money travelling to fascinating places and meeting interesting people.

After my brother died in the 90’s, I became a prominent infectious disease activist and was interviewed by about every major newspaper, television and  radio station in Canada. We almost caused a downfall of our government by forcing a vote of non-confidence in Parliament and got a billion dollar plus guilt payment to the victims of the disease with which our family members had been criminally afflicted.

Since these days of action, I’ve been active in politics and have become one of those reportedly shady characters that spend their days plotting sedition in smoky rooms. I’ve met any number of prominent political bigwigs, have the confidence of several and commonly get called on to make something happen, get something done or help get someone elected or defeated.

Brian Lloyd French – “I’ve traveled there regularly for the last 10 years and have not spent my time on resorts but with Cubans – most with a story to tell and many with nefarious means of getting around the Castros’ rules. Some are dangerous. And my contacts with Cuban exiles in the US have educated me on the complicated politics that exist with the place as well as with some great vignettes to add to the plot. I’ve even interviewed a Bay of Pigs veteran.

“Mojito reveals some stories about the Castros that have not been told before and Cuban politics are gathering as much attention now as it has at any time in the past. This is a great time for “Mojito”. “

The Book – Mojito

Alec McCaul is a sinister security operative living in Havana, hired by the CIA to do a threat profile on the faltering Cuban regime. He connects with his mission partner, Lucien Ruel, a deadly commando with ulterior motives. Then he runs into his lost flame Kate Adams, now a reporter with CNN. Together, with an heroic Cuban chopper pilot, a street kid and the head of Havana’s mafia, McCaul and Kate dodge Cuba’s security apparatus and find a terrorist camp in the mountains. When a Miami Herald reporter is killed by the Cuban secret police, the White House is in a panic. Over the course of a week Alec and Kate take on the Castro regime, Islamic terrorists, the CIA and barely manage to survive the treacherous outcome.

I will donate 1/4 of my income from sales of Mojito! to las Damas de Blanco, the women in white who protest the imprisonment of their men in Fidel’s jails.


Johnny Vergara

Johnny Vergara nació en La Habana, Cuba. El menor de trece hermanos sintió la llamada de la música a una edad muy temprana.

Johnny Vergara nace y vive para la música.

Después de una dilatada trayectoria profesional por Cuba con Jelengue, vino a nuestro país y defendió el disco “Buscando la felicidad” con el que recorrió la geografía de España y Portugal, cosechando grandes éxitos entre los aficionados a la música.

Participó en el disco “Pasaporte afro-latino” al lado de grandes figuras de este género.

En sus directos Johnny Vergara consigue impregnar el ambiente de arte mezclado con diversión para deleite de  jóvenes y abuelos.

El público lo ha escuchado en “Galileo Galilei”,  “Caracol”, “Clamores”, Carnavales de Madrid y también las fiestas de San Isidro y fiestas del Orgullo Gay.

LA PRENSA definió la música de JOHNNY VERGARA  como “El son del exilio”, y se está consolidando con paso lento, pero asegurando una carrera sólida.

Johnny Vergara en estos momentos está trabajando en su cuarto disco, entre concierto y concierto y con planes para cruzar el charco el 2012





CANDI SOSA 2/7/2012

Candi Sosa

The life and career of Candi Sosa. Hard to believe in a lifespan a person can have experiences the mind is unable to fathom.

Cubans have experienced unimaginable pain and joy. Cubans a happy people on the surface and in their souls they carry the pain that urges them to survive and succeed.

Between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban children were secretly flown to the United States to escape Fidel Castro. Parents said goodbye to their children not knowing if they would ever see them again. The airlift over the Florida Straits became known as Operation Peter Pan. In Spanish, Operación Pedro Pan.

Candi Sosa is an inspiration for anyone who has the desire to fulfill their dreams. Her music, her voice and her story in her words…

This show will be recorded in English.

Escape from Havana

My Trip To Cuba with Professor Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes 1/13/2012

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes is a professor of Latino/a literature and writing at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  Professor Rodriguez Milanes recently visited Cuba, an Island that offers 5 star world class resorts, hires foreign Chefs from Canada, France and Italy to ensure that the meals will delight the almost 2 million yearly visitors, magnificent beaches, dancing, music, and historic views while their citizens live under strenuous laws that subordinate freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Cuba where government maintains complete control over all forms of mass media, including newspapers, radio and television, an Island where criticism of national leaders can lead to imprisonment and even death. There has always been a mystery surrounding this Caribbean Island and Cecilia will tell us stories as only she can about family, education , living conditions, food prices, access to electricity, water, gas, architecture, changes, progress, Etc.

If you have always wondered about Cuba and would like to know more about  the Island from someone who has been there recently or if you are curious about the present Cuba, this is the show for you. Open Mic the last half hour, call with your questions.

Cecilia’s is a accomplished writer as well, her short fiction has been anthologized in Iguana Dreams: New Latino Fiction. Did My Mama Like to Dance? and Other Stories about Mothers and Daughters, and in New World: Young Latino Writers. Her short story collection, Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles which was released in June 2009 and Everyday Chica among others.


Sheldon Schiffer

Co Host: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of DOCMIAMI.

Filmmaker Sheldon Schiffer, befriends several Havaneros whose relationship with the wall provides meaning and mental subsistence in very different ways. With a 16mm Arriflex camera of a nostalgic vintage, Schiffer invites his subjects to compose a portrait of their most meaningful view on the Malecon – one that symbolizes their station in life, both personally and politically. Each of his subjects, a poet-intellectual, a musician, two prostitutes, an aging historian, and three young students with time on their hands, each connect their personal ambitions and attitudes toward Cuba as they collaborate with the filmmaker to create a cinematic ‘portrait’ of the seawall, and ultimately one of themselves.



After almost  a decade of a break from music Rongo and Alice returned and continued the journey of their dream, making music again. Alice leonz  began her music career when she was very young. Alice sang solo gospel and with her choir. She also sang at various music festivals in her native Indonesia and later joined Ronggo’s Band to take the position as a lead vocals. Alice continued performing in local music events, festivals and teaching. After their break from music, the couple began exploring music opportunities, making friends and collaborating on projects. They met fellow musician Raul Rodriguez Jr. from Miami Florida. Raul Rodriguez Jr has been in the music business for 30 years, running a successful Recording Studio, he has produced many artists, made company jingles, collaborated on albums and projects with musicians around the globe: 3 Dreamers and a Horse, Sucarcane Rush, “Taste of the Island” Raul and the band contributed to the Cubanarama Radio Show by gifting the theme song “Cubanarama.” Joey Ortega, host of “Behind The Yellow Tape” is also grateful for the amazing theme song Raul orchestrated for his new show. Ari Lepisto, a great bass player from Pietarsaari of Finland also joined and worked on the new CD. Dreamwalkers Project has a variety of music: Jazz, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Rock, World Music, but best of all it is the music they love.


Lance Micci

Co Host: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of DOCMIAMI.

Land of the Rising Fastball and intrepid filmmaker Lance Miccio tell the history of baseball in Japan. From the early days of 1872 till today and as seen through the eyes of those who lived it and those who love it.

A documentary team of American and Japanese filmmakers journey across the USA and Japan visiting the “Castles of Baseball” such as “Hanshin Koshein Stadium” in Osaka . In Fukuoka the” Yahoo Dome” while also visiting the home of “The Baystars “in Yokohamma, the Tokyo Dome aka The Big Egg and Jingu stadium in Tokyo .

The filmmakers submerge themselves in the Yakyu aka Baseball culture. During their travels, they interview Hall of Fame players Sachio Kinugasa and Sekine Junzo plus former Red Sox outfielder and World Series winner Gabe Kapler and former Baltimore Oriole and Angel slugger Doug DeCinces who hit the first homerun in the Tokyo Dome as a member of the Yakult Swallows. Those also included are Yale Anthropology Chair William Kelly,  Japan ‘Hall of Fame Curator’ Miwako Atarashi, Sports writers Deanna Rubin and Japanese founder Michael Westbay.

The film is richly narrated by Jeffrey Buckner Ford, aka Buck Ford. Miccio’s uses a rich tapestry of imagery in this well crafted project that along with a compelling score by Charlie McAlsiter is woven with Buck Ford’s narration to give the viewer a new sense of the history of Japan’s national pastime” “BASEBALL”.


Come see the free showing of the film Sept 25th  4:05 PM • Land of The Rising fast Ball: The History of Baseball in Japan – Palms North  Click on DocMiami below to see show schedule.

Doc Miami




Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes was born in New Jersey to Cuban parents. Author of “Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles”  published in 2009 and most recently “Everyday Chica”  Music and More  2011

As Latinos/as we struggle to define and redefine ourselves, works like ‘Everyday Chica” are indispensible in our search for a new identity. Although Cristina Milanes’s work is fresh and new, it brings an air of the old Country’s classical storytelling that has been lost through the decades. By listening to her poetry we become aware of our new identity being a mixture of the Ancestral Traditions and our New Reality to form who we are today…. The Universal Latina, we are the “Everyday Chica”

Cecilia loves to read and perform, especially with her musical collaborators Kevin Meehan, vocals and guitars and her husband Jorge Milanes, vocals and percussion.



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In her own words: I am very proud of my grandfather Col. Cornelio Rojas, he is my hero, he is the person that I admire the most in the world. I say that he is because even though he is deceased, he lives in my heart. He was executed in front of a firing squad by orders of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro for simply being a high ranking officer for the previous government. His execution in 1959 was very famous because he was executed without a trial, he was taken prisoner the beginning of Jan. 1959 and executed Jan 8th. When in front of the firing squad, he was asked if he wished to be blind folded, but he refused, instead he asked if he could give the firing orders which were granted.

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