Hailey Dunn

14 months after Hailey Dunn’s disappearance from Colorado City, then 13-year-old vanished from the small town in December 2010.

Since then authorities and searchers have been trying to track her down. Billy, her mother and her boyfriend, the only named suspect in the case, have since moved out of the area.

Law enforcement does not appear to be any closer to finding the missing teen.


Also the case of CORTNEY LYN CLAYTON– The unsolved murder of Cortney Lyn Clayton, 7, in 1988, began with her abduction Sept. 2 of that year around 8:45 p.m. The Stamford girl had walked to a little store a block from home to buy a soft drink. Clayton’s body was found in March 1989 by a hunter on a lease near Moran in Shackelford County. By then, there was little evidence at the scene. Her skeletal remains were positively identified in April 1989.


On Sept. 6, 1981, a 3-year-old Breckenridge girl was reported missing. Investigators agreed that a local man, known to the family, probably was the culprit.

Burton was reported missing by a baby sitter, a 12-year-old neighbor and friend staying with Ryan and her brother while parents Bud and Helen Burton were away for the weekend. The toddler was reported missing around 9 a.m. The girl’s body was not discovered until June 14, 1984, buried near a golf course on the outskirts of Breckenridge, according to Reporter-News archives.