Luke Steward-Obama

Tim Hodgin-Joe Biden

Jesse Wang (Chinese Chairman)


The film revolves around the year 2012. The US delegation and the Chinese delegation meet in Beijing to discuss the US debt to China and all hell breaks lose in a clash between these two super powers. “Two de Force” is a movie not a documentary.  “Two de Force” is a drama with action and humor that exercises poetic license. Throughout the story, all the political characters are seen as normal people who happen to be in powerful positions.Orestes wanted to show how these men and women act the same way we do when they are not in front of a television camera or at a public gathering. More importantly, he explores the big picture of politics, and he questions who really pulls the political strings that govern our daily lives and ultimately determine our future.

The story does not encourage partisan politics in any way, as we allow for an array of opinions to be represented. The goal of the story is not to encourage the audience to pick sides.  Instead, the goal is to challenge the viewer to think about the big picture and how all of us are affected by the decisions of regular people that happen to be elected to office in their respective countries.  And, in this story, these “regular guys” happen to be the leaders of the two major world powers.

TWO DE FORCE 10/12/2011


TWO DE FORCE is a story of the clash of two super powers: United States vs China. Everyone knows about the US debt to China, regardless of political affiliation this is a problem for all Americans and the world as it has serious repercussions.  Director and Producer Orestes Matacena does  not preach to the audience rather he wants every American, and movie goer around the world to consider the real implication and consequences for us in a global scale. When viewing America’s current financial situation, some may shift the blame on former President Bush  and Republicans in general. But nobody can deny the hard facts about our present and growing debt.  President Obama’s administration focuses on wealthy Americans paying their fair share in taxes which they claim is not the case and that the USA should not maintain a “world power” status. Here is where both parties may disagree producing dynamic reactions. However, there are people on both sides of the fence who simply love America and  what she represents to the world and mourn seeing the US spiraling downward  further and further into mounting debt. Matacena’s lense focuses on the bigger picture politically and much of what takes place behind-the-scenes while the world sleeps. The trailer is designed to entice people to want the whole picture. It will take the audience on a “bumpy ride” as the film delivers a powerful message concerning all Americans and the world in an entertaining way. It has politics, action, drama and humor palatable for a wide range of moviegoers, regardless of age, gender, race, religion,etc. Whether people are in agreement or not, TWO DE FORCE will have people talking and thinking.