ALINE HANLE: Mindful and Soulful Abundance Workshops 4/4/2013


Aline Hanle Mindful and Soulful Abundance Workshops

The alchemy of Mindful and Soulful Abundance is a Catalyst Workshops. It is a practical path to an abundant life through the conscious reactivation of the mind/body/spirit channel.

2013 is a year of renewed energy through which what is being found essentially in the heart can be actualized through the mind and experienced in reality.

The innovation about this holistic workshop lies in the synergistic approach of its 4 consecutiveĀ guidance’s designed to progressively steer the mind away from the illusion of lack and towards the reality of essential abundance that exists at the source of each of us.

I have developed a specific course through which the participant is guided mindfully and soulfully through his/herĀ  own essential labyrinth. Each session unlocks one level that becomes a stepping stone for the next level to be accessed and empowered.

The workshop is called an Alchemy because there is a true magic happening when each level of abundance is reached and unleashed.

This workshop is so effective that everyone in search for abundance in their life should do it. Where ever you are in the world, this class is possible for you via Skype (4 consecutive sessions) in the comfort of your home.

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