Conjunto Kimbombo 10/10/2009


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Conjunto Kimbombo performs guajiro music from Cuba, written and recorded originally by Miguel Matamoros, Guillermo Portabales, Los Guaracheros de Oriente, Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Polo Montanez and more. This beautiful music is the soul of Cuba’s countryside, and a primary source for modern day forms of Latin music ranging from salsa to bachata to reggaeton. They have performed covers and originals in casitas, bars, clubs, libraries, hospitals, senior citizen homes, churches, and fighting off smoke from la caja china. But what they like most of all is to take their musical message to school settings where they offer performance-lectures on the history of Cuban folk music and its connections to Cuban poetry, especially the poetry of Nicolás Guillén. Lately, They have also begun an exciting music-text collaboration titled “Cuban Suite” with Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés. This includes Cecilia performing a set of original poems, including her epic, “Cuban American Manifesto,” with musical support from Conjunto Kimbombó. We do workshops, too! We can work with students one on one or in groups to teach—and discuss—the basics of son, montuno, guajira, and more. Let us make Cuban folk music a part of your curriculum in Caribbean or Latin American studies, literature, history, world music, humanities, modern languages, etc. Instrumentation Jorge Milanés (percussion, lead vocals); Kevin Meehan (guitars, harmony vocals) Discography “Quiero Ser Tu Chocolate” is our full length CD. Streaming cuts are available at Stories that touch your heart. Life Experiences~

Marielitos, Balseros and other Exiles, the book 8/2/2009

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Writer, Poet, Professor, Mother and Wife all wrapped up into a Cuban Caramelo of a woman.  Her book “Marielitos, Balseros and other Exiles” is filled with stories that will transport you to the beautiful island of Cuba and back to the USA.  The Cuban heart will beat tonight and YOU will feel its rhythm~ Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes