Victor Cegarra

Victor Cegarra works with a variety of artists, musicians, recording, performing in concerts at small and large venues in the USA as well as abroad. Born in Venezuela, at the age of 7, Victor studied the “cuatro” (a Venezuelan guitar with only 4 strings) Later, he studied guitar basics for some time and moved on to his first piano lessons at the age of 9. At age 13 he went yet to Lino Gallardo National Conservatory of Music to study complementary piano. Once in college, his piano instructors, Olegario Diaz and Marcus Vinicio da Fonceca introduced Cegarra to jazz and Brazilian music. Other Latin styles were self-taught as he was an avid listener of salsa, cumbia, merenge and other popular genres. The next few years Victor became involved with other musicians and performed a variety of styles ranging from American Pop, Latin, and Jazz. After performing, recording, and some light touring, he shared his knowledge of music by educating others. First, as a piano instructor for the Torrance Dept of Parks & Recreation, teaching children and adults. Later, as a regular Elementary School Teacher for the LA Unified School District where he has been teaching since July 1998. In June 2001 Cegarra obtained a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from The California State University at Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.  In early 2003 he partnered with Gilberto Torres and released his first solo project a piano and flute duo, performing traditional Venezuelan tunes with influences of Jazz and Classical Styles called “Venezuela Desde Afuera” Today, you will find Victor Cegarra performing alongside well known and talented Cuban singer Candi Sosa, also with Gilberto Torres and other LA Musicians, performing in concerts, private events, clubs and restaurants while continuing to produce and record music at his home studio.


Candi Sosa

Candi Sosa, grew up in Central Covadonga, Cuba, among the sugar fields and green plains of Central Cuba. Music was everywhere in the life of a guajira (country girl) and whether she was listening to her mother play records or dancing to her father playing congas, Dulce (as she was called in Cuba) responded to all things musical.  Before she could write she memorized songs from the radio, listening for them to be played over and over again.  If she didn’t understand the lyrics she would ask her parents to try and fill in the gaps.  In this way she developed her first repertoire, of Cuban Folk Songs, at age six.

And Nazario Alfaros owner of Alfaros Night Club is a restaurant, bar, lounge and art gallery all in one. Alfaros endulges their clientele with authentic Cuban Cuisine, International Tapas and a delicious variety of wine and sparklin champagnes along with the best live entertainment Miami has to offer to make your time most memorable. Nazario will tell us why Alfaro’s Alfaro is an excellent place to relax, enjoy and make memories with family and friends.

Artists like: Candi Sosa, Lorena Gomez, Maria Del Carmen Munne, Noel Montano and many more who will remind you there is no place like Alfaro’s Alfaro anywhere….Alfaros, the establishment that appreciates music and the artists.

Alfaro’s Alfaro is located at 1604 SW 8 ST

Miami, FL 33135

CANDI SOSA 2/7/2012

Candi Sosa

The life and career of Candi Sosa. Hard to believe in a lifespan a person can have experiences the mind is unable to fathom.

Cubans have experienced unimaginable pain and joy. Cubans a happy people on the surface and in their souls they carry the pain that urges them to survive and succeed.

Between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban children were secretly flown to the United States to escape Fidel Castro. Parents said goodbye to their children not knowing if they would ever see them again. The airlift over the Florida Straits became known as Operation Peter Pan. In Spanish, Operación Pedro Pan.

Candi Sosa is an inspiration for anyone who has the desire to fulfill their dreams. Her music, her voice and her story in her words…

This show will be recorded in English.

Escape from Havana