Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes

Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes was born in New Jersey to Cuban parents. Author of “Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles”  published in 2009 and most recently “Everyday Chica”  Music and More  2011

As Latinos/as we struggle to define and redefine ourselves, works like ‘Everyday Chica” are indispensible in our search for a new identity. Although Cristina Milanes’s work is fresh and new, it brings an air of the old Country’s classical storytelling that has been lost through the decades. By listening to her poetry we become aware of our new identity being a mixture of the Ancestral Traditions and our New Reality to form who we are today…. The Universal Latina, we are the “Everyday Chica”

Cecilia loves to read and perform, especially with her musical collaborators Kevin Meehan, vocals and guitars and her husband Jorge Milanes, vocals and percussion.


Julio Cambara Palacio 8/11/2010

[wpaudio url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cubanarama/2010/08/12/julio-cambara-palacio.mp3″ text=”Click here to replay or download the show”]

Julio Cambara Palacio comienza su carrera musical con su guitarra dando serenatas y cantandole un su pueblo de Santiago de Cuba. Julio ha hecho giras a Puerto Rico, México, Las Islas de Las Antillas y ha compartido escenarios con grandes maestros de la Música Cubana. Su repertorio musical les hara volver a tiempos del ayer, al Igual que mirar hacia el futuro de lo qué significa “El Corazón de la Musica de Cuba” ~~~ Julio Cambara Palacio began his musical career with his guitar in hand,serenading his hometown of Santiago de Cuba. Julio has toured Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Caribbean islands and has shared the stage with great masters of Cuban Music. His musical repertoire will remind of yesterday’s music but will also help you look to the future and feel the “The Heart of the Cuban Music”