MrMan’s Corner – Trump’s Call to Ban Muslim Immigrants


These make for great news headlines and does stir up emotions. But, do Americans care to find out Donald Trump’s exact words and the context it was made in or jump on the politically correct bandwagon?

It appears today people just skim the headlines or repeat what they hear regardless if the statements are accurate or not. Trump has never said that we wants to ban all Muslims forever or deport all Muslims currently living in the United States. What he did say there should be a  “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

This is in reference to the San Bernardino attack and the fact that our Government cannot control who is coming into this country and perhaps the US should have a procedural review  at the very least.  It’s not like we have not done this before.  In 1979, Jimmy Carter basically expelled Iranians from the country during the Iranian Hostage crisis.  The difference now is that the terror groups are not from a single country although certain countries may have supported these groups.

Trump could very well do better than any of the current prospects for president as Americans are sick of the current strain of the politicians.