The Jukebox: From Edison to IPod with Lance Miccio & Designer and Artist Effi

Co Host: Monica Valdes

Guest: Producer, Director, Writer, Painter, Lance Miccio

In 2002, Lance Miccio created a promo trailer starring Francesco Quinn (Rah-Platoon) based on his screenplay “The Garrison” a tale of Dante’s Inferno with the Battle of Stalingrad as a backdrop. His trailer attracted the Academy award winning producer John Daly (platoon,Terminator, Hoosiers) Later, In the feature film, The Aryan Couple, miccio wrote a key scene for John Daly and Martin landau. From writing to directing for the History Channel in his first TV show “Night of the Long Knives, also a segment producer for “Hippies” His film “The Jukebox: from Edison to Ipod” narrated by Peter Coyote was nominated as Best American Documentary for the Dylan Thomas Award (The Tinny) at the Swansea bay Festival and later accepted into The 60th Cannes Film Festival and was made a part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s permanent collection in 2007.

Guest: World Traveler, Designer Effi was born in Israel and immigrated to the United States where she lives life to the fullest creating fascinating one of kind lifestyle products and furniture. Inspired by culture and architecture, her exclusive pieces are a reminder that creativity and it’s healing power has no limits! She is an Advocate for The Down Syndrome Association.

LUZ by Luis Gonzalez 8/19/2014


Luis Gonzalez


Luis González nació en La Habana, Cuba, donde pasó los primeros siete años de su vida. Su madre, viuda y con tres hijos, huyó del estado comunista con sus niños en remolque. La familia se mudo a Culver City, California, un municipio de Los Ángeles. Aunque lejos de su patria, Luis se dio cuenta que llevaba a Cuba en el alma, en su sangre cuando en el sexto grado, hizo un reporte sobre su país y ahí comenzó una relación amorosa con su patria que continúa hasta el dia de hoy. Desde la edad escolar primaria, Luis supo que llevaba la escritura en su sangre. “Siempre me ha gustado escribir, desde niño y supongo que siempre he sido autor independient. Cuando estaba en el tercer grado, después de sólo haber estado en este país un par de años, escribí dos cuentos. Uno se llama Las Zapatillas Mágicas, el otro, Los Delfines. Tomé hojas de papel que doblé y grapé, y no sólo escribí los cuentos, sino los ilustré e hice la portada y todo por ellos. Todavía tengo estos dos primeros libros míos, y ahora que miro hacia atrás me digo, “De verdad que siempre fui escritor, por lo menos en mi alma.” Hasta hoy esos dos libritos siguen siendo dos de mis posesiones más preciadas. Luis estudio y se graduó de UCLA con licenciatura en literatura inglés y una concentración en composición y literatura española. A Luis le inspira profundamente y es conmovido por la política, la religión y las artes, cuales forman hilos de la tela en su escribir.

Luz: una novela que amarra esos tres componentes pero al estilo cubano.


Música interpretada por:





Maria del Carmen Munne



Amarilys Gacio Rassler, born into a family of occult practitioners. Her family escaped Communist Cuba in 1960 through the United States government program “Operation Peter Pan” In the 70’s Amarilys became deeply involved in the occult and driven by madness she nearly took her life. It was through calling on the Lord Jesus Christ that she came to her salvation and deliverance. Amarilys has since shared her testimony with the Body of Christ, for many years and this lead to a ministry of counseling. She’s given presentations in churches about the danger of the occult and the importance of spiritual warfare. She has served as a volunteer Chaplain for the Busch Gardens Theme Park in Florida for fifteen years and for eight years she has written and shared a weekly devotional Bible study for the employees of Busch Gardens under the leadership of Busch Garden’s vice-president, Mike Patrick. Six years ago, Amarilys discovered a new passion, ‘Writing’ To honor her parents and those in her native land, Amarilys wrote and published her first book, Cuban-American, Dancing On The Hyphen, a book of prose and poetry, telling the story of her immigration, and dealing with the plight of the Cuban people under Castro’s Communist regime. She has won awards for her poetry and prose. She has been published in the Florida Writers Association Magazine, The Florida Writer, Tampa Writers Alliance, Wordsmith and in Fiction 365. Presently, Amarilys is working on two memoirs, Beyond The Veil and Breach of Contract. She is also writing an anthology of fictional stories, Intersections, Tales of Suspense and Romance, Where the Natural Meets The Supernatural. She draws from her experiences and encounters with the warfare in the spirit realm. Amarilys’ Contact Information emails:  and

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Our Community knows we are here for the long haul to help promote Art, Culture and Tourism.  We are extending our abilities and dreams even further by reaching out to promote Music Festivals around the world. Starting with a Music Festival that will be held in the gorgeous Island of Curacao this December 3, 4 and 5. I am working directly with the promoter, organizer and artists who are involved in bringing the Festival to the Island.

The Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino is the place where you will find us this December.  Future plans include bringing talent to the Island from all over the USA and other Countries.  Stay tune to more news coming next week about the travel package and how you can join us in the beautiful Island Curacao.

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