Between 1960 and 1962 more than 14,000 Cuban children escaped Fidel Castro’s communist regime as part of an airlift known as Operación Pedro Pan. LORENZO PABLO MARTÍNEZ was one of these children. In CUBA, ADIÓS: A Young Man’s Journey to Freedom, Martínez vividly recounts his participation in a program that bridged two different cultures and achieved great political significance over the years. read more

Mr Mans Corner – What are we doing in Iraq and Syria?

ecently ISIS/ISIL or whatever they call themselves posted a slick highly edited video showing lots of propaganda footage along with a much choreographed beheading party of a bunch of prisoner’s to finish up with head Peter Kassig. A person who was reported to be there to help the people in the area and who converted to Islam while in captivity. read more

Mr Mans Corner – Ebola

I hear a lot about how our government is planning and preparing for Ebola so I decided to review the House Oversight Committee Ebola Response hearing and am surprised how what is being said by the President, CDC, HHS and DHS about how they are prepared and not to worry. But what is being presented at the hearing seems to tell a different story… read more