Jose Caballero Parte I 11/28/2009

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Jose Caballero I”] Author of “Una Muerte a Plazos” the story of his military service under the Communist Regime of Fidel Castro and “Aprendiz de Poeta.” Two of his poems were selected for two anthologies in Spain. Mr. … read more

Wenso Ashby 11/22/2009

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Wenso Ashby”] Zsame, her voice is sophisticated, sultry and sensual like her moves. Wenso, As his fingers caress the keyboard the most beautiful notes are born. And… Willie Moore, this young man can play the saxophone in a … read more


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Martin Crespo”] Martin Crespo,Founder of Holistic Interventions, is a trained Reike Master, psychic and energy healer. His book “Messenger For The Guardians” is a must have. His services include: Long Distance Reading, Angel Reading, Traditional Reike, Intuitive Reike … read more

Stephan Galfas 10/18/2009

Stephan Galfas Stephan Galfas (CEO, International Talent Organization, Inc., and Miss Molly Records)Began his career as an executive at Warner Brothers Records and went onto found T.E. Savage, Inc., and International Talent Organization,Inc. Stephan has had great success as an … read more

Don’t miss USA Cares 09/27/2009

USA Cares Founded in 2003, USA Cares has answered the call to over 15,000 and distributed almost $6 million in grants to help military families through the “gaps” of life as they serve our nation. USA Cares provides support to … read more