[wpaudio url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cubanarama/2009/08/08/DIME-QUE-TE-DIRE-CUBAN-STYLE-.mp3″ text=”Click play to hear Marta and her Guests on Cubanarama”]

Talking to Ruben Rabasa & Yeni Alvarez the hosts of “DIME QUE TE DIRE” A Motivational Variety Live Broadcast Radio Show and their Producer Jules Santos. Their show is meant to Inspire and Empower the Latino Community. Hop on the magic carpet and ride with us!

Marielitos, Balseros and other Exiles, the book 8/2/2009

[wpaudio url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cubanarama/2009/08/03/marielitos-balseros-and-other-exiles-the-book.mp3″ text=”Click play to hear Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes on Cubanarama”]

Writer, Poet, Professor, Mother and Wife all wrapped up into a Cuban Caramelo of a woman.  Her book “Marielitos, Balseros and other Exiles” is filled with stories that will transport you to the beautiful island of Cuba and back to the USA.  The Cuban heart will beat tonight and YOU will feel its rhythm~ Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes

Life on the Road 07/11/2009

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On the road a car is no match for an 80,000 lb Semi Truck. Please listen in as Joe the Semi Truck driver discusses safety concerns on today’s America’s roads.

“Life on the Road”

TATYANA 07/05/2009

Tatyana on Cubanarama

Tatyana’s performing career started in High School performing contemporary and Russian Gypsy dances, singing, and acting at school events. After high school she continued dancing by taking formal training in ballroom dance and studying Folkloric Russian dance on her own.

Her belly dance journey began with Tina Shokri in Belarus and continued in Minnesota studying with Toha, Kathy McCurdy, Dina, Fathiem, and Cassandra and performing locally at private parties, festivals, and restaurants. In 2006 she became part of Jawaahir Dance Company.  Now Tatyana performs with Jawaahir, continues her solo performances, and teaches classes at The Cassandra School of Belly Dance and community education programs.


Marta and Friends on Cubanarama

Operation Peter Pan was coordinated by the U.S. Government (The US State Dept. The CIA and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and some Cubans.   Cubans feared that the Communist regime would terminate their parental rights, indoctrinate their children and/or ship them to Soviet concentration camps.