HoKamLO with ALICE and RONGGOWISNU 1/25/2013


Hokamlo with Alice and Ronggowisnu


When Ronggowisnu Prihadi and Alice Leonz married they took a break from their music career for almost a decade to dedicate time to their family. But their passion for music never ceased, Ron and Alice decided to start over and continue their dream of making music. Their band played Jazz, Fusion and Funk. Previously Ronggo played and taught Jazz Piano but when he returned to music his instrument of choice was the guitar.  His wife, Alice began her music career when she was very young, her basic vocal education was Opera Serio. Alice sang solo gospel and with her church choir. She also sang at various music festivals in her native Indonesia and later joined Ronggo’s band as lead vocalist.

The couple began exploring their music opportunities, meeting and making friends with musicians around the world. In their search for new and innovative musical projects Ron and Alice met Music Producer Raul Rodriguez Jr. from Miami Florida, the trio worked on several projects together taking their talents to an all-time high.

Producer Raul Rodriguez Jr has been producing music and company jingles for over 30 years. Rodriguez has collaborated on albums and projects with musicians around the globe: Sugarcane Rush: “Taste of the Island”, 3 Dreamers and a Horse, A NOT Ordinary Christmas Album” and numerous others. Raul and the Sugarcane Rush band also contributed to Cubanarama Radio Show by gifting the theme song “Cubanarama. Raul also wrote and produced the theme song for the internet radio show: “Behind the Yellow Tape” Hosted by JoeyOrtega.

Ron and Alice’s newest and most exciting project is HoKamLo, a story’s backdrop is set in a distant Earth during the rule of the Han Dynasty (206 – 220 BC) and takes place on the legendary trading route called “the Silk Road” This is a universe where all that humans believe or have believed truly exists. It’s a strict order that places a “Supreme Being” as the ultimate “God of gods” and at the feet of The Supreme…a long list of lesser gods, devils, demons, and angels. There are also beings that are celestial or supernatural in nature, who are neither human nor Gods but rather mark an ascension of human kind. An example of what they all can achieve ‘if they are good enough’.



Luis Serrano

My Co Host Luis Serrano, founding member of Miami Latin Boys which later became Miami Sound Machine and I celebrate the end of 2012 with our listeners.

Serrano was born in the Province of Camaguey, Central Cuba, which Unesco designated in 2008 as a World Heritage Site. The Spanish colonizers followed medieval European influences in Camaguey in terms of urban layout and traditional construction of the city. The neoclassical, eclectic, Art Deco, Neo-colonial, some Art Nouveau and rationalism designs would naturally make a nest for an artist of Serranos caliber to incubate his talents.

Serrano recalls music being a part of his life from the time he was an infant, his mother singing him lullabies, then listening to the rhythms of Cuban music on the radio and television. Luis Serrano feels his love of music entered his soul and rooted in his spirit when he a child.

Luis remembers his hometowns beautiful landscapes of the countryside in Cuba. The large homes he visited when he was a child, where art and paintings hung on the walls now awakening a desire to express himself on canvas with colors and sharing with his fans the amazing talent he was blessed with. Today, Poetry surges in Serrano as he goes about daily life. Stories, events, people and emotions that move him, help erupt the volcano of ideas that he finds necessary to put on paper.

It is an honor to have my friend Luis Serrano on Cubanarama to wrap up this memorable year.


EL OPEN HOUSE 10/24/2012


El Open House is a film dedicated to the music produced and performed by outstanding artists who have composed the soundtrack of our lives. The Cuban experience of exiles growing up in Miami.Their story was their own but it has reached and touched all of us throughout the USA and the world, the influence of Cuban music cannot be ignored.

My guests: Director, Producer Joe Cardona & Miami Radio personality, Mike In The Night. Musicians featured in the film will be calling in to share their memories.

Featured bands:

Hansel and Raul, Willy Chirino, The Judges Nephews, Emilio & Gloria Estefan, Clouds with Frankie Marcos, Miguel Martin, Jose “Pepe” Campos, Alex Cobos, The Antiques, Peter Fernandez, Coke, Eloy Cepero, Orquesta Tipica Tropical, Flager Street-Carlos Montiel, Gustavo Rojas, Opus, Grupo Alma, Clockwork, Carlos Oliva, Mantrap and many more.




Amy and Adams

Gone … aloft joins Amy & Adams’ 4 previous albums in the celebration of the musical journey that rarely repeats itself or rests for long in the same place; theirs and yours. From the Country/Blues/Grassified amble of Gold In Colorado, to the silken intimacy of the whispered Bossa Nova Gone Not Forgotten and the romantic ballad My Sweetest Taste, through the icy jazz combo attack of So Sick Of The Winter, the steel drum Caribbean Buffet I Don’t Want To Work For The Audio King No More, to the soaring orchestral finale Aloft, the writing, the arrangements, the vocals, and the instrumental performances on Gone … aloft are simply stunning.

Amy & Adams concerts have been on the spotlight on TV in the Twin Cities & Iowa City, IA. They have done live-in-studio spots on WCCO AM, WOI TV 5 & WHO AM, Des Moines, Iowa. Their music has been played on radio stations close to home and as far away as Belgium. Their first album Sail Away reached #9 on Kevin Elliot’s Folk, Country, Bluegrass top 20 on WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign, IL. The second CD Must Be Dreamin’ received national airplay and spent 14 weeks on The Roots Music Report Folk Top 40 chart in the summer of 2004. 2008’s LIVE: Under The Covers and 2010’s Dancing Through Time received critical praise and airplay all over the United States and some international airplay.

MARRE 5/20/2012


An outcast from the onset of her teen years, Marre has always been different, dancing to the beat of her own drum. Bouncing from one school to the next, she searched for her personal path to success as a gifted young woman. Obsessed with music for as long as she can remember, she came to understand school was not the answer so she dropped out of college and began to pursue her dream.

Since that day, Marre has been unstoppable. Like a freight train crashing down the barriers of Latin pop music, her new album, Sombras de Luz, produced by legendary producer Stephan Galfas (Meatloaf, Cher, Kool and the Gang, La Union, Miguel Mateos, among many, many others), redefines the genre. With songwriting that belies her age, 21-year-old Marre explores herself and the world surrounding her with astonishing depth and uniqueness. From the tongue-in-cheek Para Mi to the heavily introspective Me Equivoque, and the full range of emotions and passions in between, she delivers an incomparable, personal, yet universal, musical adventure.

Marre – Para Mi – Hot New Single

Mas y Mas


Marre is a spokes person for Best Buddies – Check them out.




Remember Candi Sosa’s Faded Blue Jeans drawing goes to end of the month of May.  Send an email to marta@cubanarama.com with the subject Faded Blue Jeans or Candi Sosa.


Candi Sosa

Candi Sosa, grew up in Central Covadonga, Cuba, among the sugar fields and green plains of Central Cuba. Music was everywhere in the life of a guajira (country girl) and whether she was listening to her mother play records or dancing to her father playing congas, Dulce (as she was called in Cuba) responded to all things musical.  Before she could write she memorized songs from the radio, listening for them to be played over and over again.  If she didn’t understand the lyrics she would ask her parents to try and fill in the gaps.  In this way she developed her first repertoire, of Cuban Folk Songs, at age six.

And Nazario Alfaros owner of Alfaros Night Club is a restaurant, bar, lounge and art gallery all in one. Alfaros endulges their clientele with authentic Cuban Cuisine, International Tapas and a delicious variety of wine and sparklin champagnes along with the best live entertainment Miami has to offer to make your time most memorable. Nazario will tell us why Alfaro’s Alfaro is an excellent place to relax, enjoy and make memories with family and friends.

Artists like: Candi Sosa, Lorena Gomez, Maria Del Carmen Munne, Noel Montano and many more who will remind you there is no place like Alfaro’s Alfaro anywhere….Alfaros, the establishment that appreciates music and the artists.

Alfaro’s Alfaro is located at 1604 SW 8 ST

Miami, FL 33135


Diane Arkenstone

Diane Arkenstone wrote her first song at the age of three and picked up her first guitar at the age of seven.

Her album, “Jewel in the Sun,” debuted at No. 16 on Billboard’s New Age charts when it was released in October 2002, peaking at number 11. In 2005, her album, The Best of Diane, went No. 1 on the New Age radio charts. In all, she’s worked on more than 45 albums, producing 28 under her own label, Neo Pacifica.

Diane’s music embraces many styles, from Celtic, Trance, World and Native American, to techno, rock and folk.



Mike In The Night

Mike In The Night, host of Open House Radio along with DJ Alex Gutierrez, a weekly music and dance Disco Radio Show is my guest tonight.

Their unique blend of Disco Funk, Boogie Down, Italo & HiNRG sounds will remind you of the Open House era famous in Miami in those days, check them out!

This evening, Mike will tell us how he became a recognized Radio entity when he created the English version of the popular song “Macarena”

Mike’s Radio career began with his father who infused the love of Radio and to this day the fire burns in his heart. A little history and a whole lot of wisdom….