Daysi Celia y su musica

Daysi Celia Almirall es la compositora, Música y Letra, de la Canción Oficial del Treinta Aniversario de la Calle Ocho, de los Kiwanis de la Pequeña Habana, “El Carnaval de Miami”, interpretada por la reconocida famosa cantante cubana Albita Rodríguez y la cual fue celebrada con una larga conga arrollando por la Calle Ocho de Miami. Otro de sus temas Cubano de Corazón”dedicado al famoso bajista cubano Israel López Cachao, ha sido grabado por su misma banda Cachao’s All Star Band siendo el debut de la canción en el MDC LATIN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2008, en un homenaje al Maestro Cachao.

“MI ENTREGA” (My Surrender)is the latest musical production of pianist-composer Daysi Celia, who in this CD beautifully performs 13 popular songs and her own compositions in a variety of rhythms.

“Mi Entrega” esta a la venta en ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon, y Reverbation.

Daysi Celia playing the piano in Hotel Nacional




We would like to wish our friend Nelson Andreu author of the book Dead Red –

Happy Birthday!


Jorge Sanchez – Que Pasa

Jorge Sanchez was born in Cuba into a musical family and began performing at the tender age of five as part of a family duo in the Island.Upon arriving in the United States, Jorge worked with many of the top names in Latin music such as the “Jersey Cuban Boys”,  the renowned “Orquesta Riviera” and becoming the lead singer of the legendary “Fajardo y sus Estrellas” for seventeen years. Most recently, Jorge Sanchez has been singing with Papo Ortega & Cubanoson, as well as the “Charanga 76″.

In addition to his vocal talent, Jorge also writes music and plays bass, guitar, drums and percussion to name a few. Jorge’s song titled “Luz Marina” has been featured in the film “CAUGHT” staring Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso. Throughout his career, Jorge Sanchez has made numerous television appearances and has won the respect and admiration of the industry’s top performers.

LA PALABRA 6/20/2013

La Palabra at Piano

La Palabra

La Palabra was born and raised in Oriente, Cuba when the Hirakiri dance and other rhythms like el Mozambique, Paca, Joropo, Changui, and Mozan-Cha were at the height of its popularity and the sounds of Orquesta Aragon, Estrellas Cubanas, Pello el Afrokan, Tataguini and Chapotin occupied the airwaves. La Palabra began taking piano lessons from his grandmother at 11 yrs old. After winning the Dept of Education panel of judges over at an amateur competition, he was offered to attend a state school of music in Havana. His grandmother turned the opportunity down fearing her grandchild would not be able to leave Cuba if they accepted.
Years later the family obtained their visa to leave Cuba. Palabra and his family headed for New York City in 1966. At 15, La Palabra broke into the music scene joining the sextet Lalo y La New Yorkina. With the Hippie and Civil Rights Movements, the Vietnam War at full throttle, La Palabra rode the waves of the times adjusting to the cultural changes and alternating with acts Richie Ray, Eddie Palmieri and Joe Cuba.  By 1974, The 18 year-old performer dazzled audiences with his piano playing and romantic Spanish ballad-style singing English cover songs.
The next several years La Palabra continued playing in the Detroit club circuit, alternating between Stanley Mitchell and the People’s Choice, Brainstorm, the Five Specials and Norma Belle and the All Stars while sharing the circuit with Earl Klu, Chapter 7 with lead singer Anita Baker, Dennis Koffe and Lyman Woodard and the Organization. You are all invited to listen La Palabra’s story and enjoy the music that has fascinated audiences for decades.


If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton – If I Ever Get Away

Tracy Walton began his career in music by picking up his first guitar at the age of 10. He quickly realized that his ear bent towards the low end and he switched to bass. His teen years brought a string of punk and hard rock bands, local glory, and a gig teaching at an area music store. The journey to rock and roll stardom has many bumps, and when the only apartment he and his band mates could afford was condemned, he knew he was in serious need of a plan B.He bought an old plywood and started playing Zeppelin grooves on it to find his bearings. He soon tracked down Dave Santoro Professor at Berklee College of Music for lessons and after a summer of instruction, Tracy accepted a scholarship to study jazz at the Hartford Conservatory.Tracy soon joined the Eric Miller Trio, a straight ahead jazz group that logged close to 200 shows a year in the mid-nineties. After a few years, what started as a joke of quoting classic rock lines during solos, turned into the formation of the female fronted rock act Missing Slim. It was at this time that he also joined the faculty of The National Guitar Workshop and Kent School.

So having finally found that steady gig to fall back on, Tracy decided in 2010 that it was time to start “Brand New Again” and focus all of his energy on his solo career.  And with the release of “If I Ever Get Away”, 2013 is starting out strong featuring the song “Songs for You” which many are calling Tracy’s best song to date and his breakout track.

Join Cubanarama as Tracy talks about his new album and listen to great music!





Releasing the Artist Pablo Hernandez

I became aware of the Artist Pablo Hernandez a few months ago through a short film titled, “Pablo: The Artist Within” produced and directed by Noah DeBonisis.

Pablo was arrested at 16 years old and became a man in a Cuban Forced Labor Camp where many intellectuals were held as political prisoners. His interest in art and music continued developing through the years inside the camp.

Inside Pablo’s mind was a place the Communist could not get in, there was a place where Pablo was free to go and explore another world, a place where creativity had no boundaries.

Pablo’s hands were not only blessed to play some of the most beautiful classical music you will ever hear but he was also blessed with the grand ability to paint.

We’ll hear about how Pablo reached US soil and how he began to receive the appreciation, recognition and respect that he dreamed of for his work.

You can also watch Pablo speak about his passion for art being both a painter as well as a pianist in a short documentary titled ‘Expressions of a Modern Minstrel’ by Roberto Cayuso.

Click here to contact Pablo Hernandez

ILIANA ROSE 5/9/2013


Iliana Rose

Iliana Rose is nothing short of a fantastic musician. As an accomplished piano player, percussionist, clarinetist and vocalist, she performs with her band and sits in with some of the finest session players in Los Angeles and Miami. As a percussionist her timing is phenomenal and impeccable. She never misses a beat.

As a singer her voice is pure, warm, sensual and beautiful to listen to. Iliana captivates an audience in English, Spanish and even a little Portuguese and has a unique ability to phrase that is given only to natural born jazz singers.

Born in Miami, and raised by Cuban parents and grandparents, Iliana is steeped in Cuban rhythms and culture. She is a genuine prodigy who started playing music at the age of four only to later graduate from the prestigious University of Miami with a double major, one in Studio Music & Jazz Voice and another in Clarinet Performance.

She then moved to Los Angeles where she presently lives composing music for films, orchestrating and arranging for twenty five piece Latin jazz bands, working as a recording engineer, producer, lyricist and is the voice behind several radio commercials. Plus she was an on-air personality for a nationally syndicated radio show!

Iliana Rose is a complete entertainer. She is spontaneously funny and able to make intelligent hilarious conversations with audience members and it is impossible to resist her charm. In addition to all her talent she is also amazingly beautiful, a diva with a midriff meant to be revealed. When she performs you can’t take your eyes off her. Her presence commands your attention. We won’t soon forget this curvaceous Cuban babe!



Abdias Ernesto Garcia

Abdias Ernesto Garcia is a folk experimentalist from Puerto Rico who adorns his roots as a percussionist with a sensibility for poetry and culture. Combining different genres into one cohesive package, Abdias fuses magnetic and hypnotizing soulful grooves, mesmerizing vocals that create a lushful landscape of multi-cultural sounds. He has understood and spoken the universal language of music since the tender age of 2 when he began playing percussion on his grandma’s pots and pans. Abdias has been living in the experiment of life and music from the days of his youth when his uncles introduced him to some of the greatest musical concoctions in their 78 Vinyl records to currently producing albums for performing artists in his Orlando, Florida Studio, Abdias has soundly embraced music as a part of himself in his lifelong journey. Abdias began to build his artistry from scratch through winning talent shows and international competitions including Sabado Gigante & Juventud Vibra, studying at La Escuela Libre de Puerto Rico as he trained and played with the likes of Tito Puente & Giovanni Hidalgo, also performing in concert halls with Awilda Carbia (a prominent Puerto Rican Comedian), working alongside musical director Tito Curet Alonso, performing with El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, and playing on stage with Willie Colon. Abdias’ latest release entitled “Mas Colores y Menos Horrores” (More Colors and Less Horrors) presents ten new original songs that highlight his personal growth as he continues to explore the experimental acoustic sound that has become a trademark for the passionate songwriter. He approaches this album with elegance and simplicity that allows the listener to become a part of the conversation not just a listener. Now touring with his wife and two sons throughout the United States and the Caribbean performing and offering workshops on drumming and improvisation.



Diane Arkenstone

For multi-platinum selling recording artist Diane Arkenstone a renewed sense of freedom can be discovered by

composing and performing contemporary music in one of her many well versed styles. Early in life it was clear Diane Arkenstone was blessed with the gifted abilities of a natural born artist and composer, which has led to many achievements during each phase of her music career. The multi-talented Diane Arkenstone is a popular artist most people will recognize, especially those who favor the Celtic, Native American, instrumental, new age, and world music categories. In addition to her own releases like the Billboard Charting Jewel in the Sun, and top radio chart recording, The Best Of Diane Arkenstone, she has also been a member of associated groups most people are familiar with.

Union Road is the newest album by Diane Arkenstone you may soon be calling your favorite like I have. Union Road is an instrumental vocal album with 11 select songs in the folk ballad tradition. Performing acoustic guitar, dulcimer, kalimba and percussion, Diane Arkenstone’s songwriting talents as a vocalist and lyricist are on display, highlighting her capabilities as a contemporary singer with charming lyrical optimism on nine of eleven songs.

Diane has plans for a concert tour in 2013 so watch for an upcoming concert news announcement.


Elizabeth Rebozo

Elizabeth Rebozo was born in Havana, Cuba. When she was 7 years old she began her musical studies at the Municipal Conservatory of Music Alejandro Garcia Caturla where she graduated in 1989.  At just thirteen years of age, Elizabeth became one of the few pianists in Cuba within that age range to have performed with the Cuban National Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Manuel Duchesne.

Later on, she studied at the National School of Music (ENA) from where she graduated in 1993 and continued her undergraduate studies at the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), graduating with a Bachelors of Arts with honour’s diploma in 1998.

Elizabeth’s dedication to piano performance had made her a recipient of several scholarships and grants, among them: full scholarship for a Summer Course at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, United States in 1992. While on her third year of studies at the Higher Institute of Art she won a full scholarship and grant prize to pursue a Master degree at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada from the year 2000, completing a Masters degree in Piano Performance in 2002 with honorary distinctions.

At the present Ms. Rebozo is active as a concert pianist as well as an educator.  In November, 2009 she released her first CD titled “One culture, two visions” which has has been praised by critics for her exquisite interpretation on this CD which is based on Cuban music from the 19th and 21st century.

May 11, 2012 Ms. Rebozo performed at Cal State University Los Angeles  and from this concert was born her album “Live in L.A”, a classical production by Yalil Guerra, aimed at the 13th Latin Grammy’s.



Wonderful You with EG Holmes

Born April 1961 in NYC, E.G.Holmes discovered singing at a very young age and went on to sing solos in several elementary school choirs. At age eleven, E.G. was chosen to sing with the Metropolitan Opera Guild in a production of La Boheme and landed a small solo. About that same time E.G. picked up some pointers on playing piano by a kind neighbor and from there began to compose songs and music. (Music styles include: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Classical, Punk, Adult Contemporary, and Adult Alternative – influenced by artists cross many genres)

Around the age of twenty and with a pile of songs on tape, he met Steeley Dan legend – Donald Fagen who kindly listened and critiqued many songs for him and gave him some new ways to think about writing / composing. Putting music on hold for career and family E.G. emerged in 2009 and began collaborating on many original projects with musicians, singers, songwriters, lyricists, and producers from all around the world.

With songs appearing on about a half dozen albums, in early 2011, E.G. reached out to singer David Vanden Enden to have him sing a new song being written called “The Rumors”. Liking the direction, and the voice, E.G. asked David if he was interested in doing a full album of songs. Once David committed to the project E.G. needed a top producer and turned to his friend and fellow songwriter, musician and producer: Raul Rodriguez Jr (FIG Sounds Studio – Miami, FL) A year and a half after the initial idea E.G. Holmes and company are ready to release his first full album of originals with a release date of February 1, 2013 titled “Wonderful You”. Recommended if you like Micheal Buble, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dionne, Harry Connick Jr, and other Adult Contemporary / Adult Alternative artists.