Cloudia Leslie

Cloudia Leslie Wells has been missing since Jan 1995 from Maryville, Illinois. Her daughter reported her missing but somehow the information was never entered into the database.

Guests: Robert Woodard, owner of USA PEOPLE FINDERS heard Robin’s case and offered to help try and locate Cloudia.  Robert has been working with Robin for over a year and has new information that could crack this case wide open and hopefully bring about a daughter and mother reunion.

We need the help of our listening audience to spread the word and this show link as far as they can. Let’s put the social media to the test and use it to do something wonderful.  Help this family get reunited please!


Heriberto Nony Herrera


Yosymar MosquedaWhat happened to Yosymar Mosqueda, a healthy young man whose plans of returning back to school and a dream for a better tomorrow were cut short when his body was discovered months after his disappearance.

Psychic Gale St. John helps the victim’s sister with messages from beyond.

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Special Psychic Guests: Gale St John & Regie Lewis

Lauren Spierer

The 20-year-old sophomore went missing early June 3 after a night of partying. She left her off-campus apartment building about 12:30 a.m. with fellow student David Rohn and went to friend Jay Rosenbaum’s apartment up the street. At Rosenbaum’s, Spierer met up with Corey Rossman, who lives two doors down in Rosenbaum’s building, and the two headed to Kilroy’s bar. Leaving her shoes and cellphone at the bar, she and Rossman then went to her building, where he was confronted and, according to his lawyer, punched in the face, losing memory of what transpired during and after that time.

Venus Rose Stewart was last seen 4/26/10, in Colon, Michigan. Venus Stewart was abducted and murdered by Douglas Harrie Stewart in Colon, MI. on April, 26, 2010. Her remains have not been found. Doug was convicted on March 11, 2011 in St. Joseph County MI of Murder and Conspiracy to commit murder. Sentenced to LIFE without PAROLE.

Stacy Peterson

Stacy Peterson, the 23-year-old fourth wife of longtime Bolingbrook, Ill. cop Sgt. Drew Peterson, vanished on Sunday, October 28, 2007. Cops say that Stacy may have left the house in a jogging suit and was supposed to be headed to a relative’s home.

She never made it.

Sgt. Peterson, 53, claims he received a phone call from Stacy on that Sunday at 9 p.m. But, no one else heard from her after a Sunday morning phone call with relatives


Hailey Dunn

14 months after Hailey Dunn’s disappearance from Colorado City, then 13-year-old vanished from the small town in December 2010.

Since then authorities and searchers have been trying to track her down. Billy, her mother and her boyfriend, the only named suspect in the case, have since moved out of the area.

Law enforcement does not appear to be any closer to finding the missing teen.


Also the case of CORTNEY LYN CLAYTON– The unsolved murder of Cortney Lyn Clayton, 7, in 1988, began with her abduction Sept. 2 of that year around 8:45 p.m. The Stamford girl had walked to a little store a block from home to buy a soft drink. Clayton’s body was found in March 1989 by a hunter on a lease near Moran in Shackelford County. By then, there was little evidence at the scene. Her skeletal remains were positively identified in April 1989.


On Sept. 6, 1981, a 3-year-old Breckenridge girl was reported missing. Investigators agreed that a local man, known to the family, probably was the culprit.

Burton was reported missing by a baby sitter, a 12-year-old neighbor and friend staying with Ryan and her brother while parents Bud and Helen Burton were away for the weekend. The toddler was reported missing around 9 a.m. The girl’s body was not discovered until June 14, 1984, buried near a golf course on the outskirts of Breckenridge, according to Reporter-News archives.


Hailey Dunn

Hailey Dunn’s case revisited by our Psychic team, Gale St John, Bryan Ladd and Regie Lewis…

Hailey, a student at Colorado City Middle School in Texas, was last seen on the afternoon of December 27, 2010, when she reportedly told her mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, 25, that she was leaving to spend the night with a friend.

She never made it to her friend’s house, who said she was not even aware Hailey was coming over, and her mother reported her missing the following morning.

Her mother Billie Dunn, 33, was arrested three months after she disappeared for lying about her boyfriend’s whereabouts, who has been named as a person of interest in the case.

Both Dunn and Adkins – the last person to see Hailey before she disappeared –  failed polygraph tests set by investigators in January.

A police affidavit at the time also revealed Adkins told a relative hurting a teenager would be like ‘killing a deer’, and he and Dunn were fixated on serial killers and slasher movies.


Television news anchor, professional speaker, trainer, spokesperson, emcee and host: Beth Bednar’s career represents a composite of work in front of an audience. Her background as a television journalist and independent businesswoman gives her unique qualifications to make presentations on a variety of topics.For nearly twenty years, Beth was a respected TV news anchor on a Minnesota ABC affiliate, earning nominations for three consecutive years for Outstanding Minnesota Broadcast personality. Since 1997, she has pursued a successful career as a professional speaker and seminar trainer, setting herself apart with refreshing candor and uncommon insight into today’s business challenges. Her favorite training topics include concerns that touch many areas of business: Powerful Presentations, Communicating in the Corporate World, Business Writing and Grammar, and Management and Supervisory Skills.Beth is the author of Dead Air: The Search for Jodi Huisentruit,  the true-crime story explores the cold case file of a missing North Iowa morning anchorwoman who mysteriously disappeared in 1995.

Please refer to the website FindJodi.com to keep up with the latest news on this case and ongoing investigation.

The Psychic DreamTeam Gale St John, Brian Ladd & Regie Lewis 3/8/2012

Dream Team

It is an honor to introduce to my listeners renown Psychic Gale St. John, Brian Ladd and Regie Lewis.

The Dream Team has not worked together in years and now they are gearing up for blessings, opening up their hearts and space in their lives to allow Universal Power to move and take them where they are needed most.


Arturo Gatti

Former world boxing champion Arturo Gatti (April 15, 1972 – July 11, 2009) who was raised in Montreal, was found dead in northeastern Brazil during a vacation with his wife Amanda and infant son.

His family seeks answers to many questions that surround Gatti’s suspicious death.

Psychic Gale St John tellls it like she sees it.


Heriberto “Nony” Herrera

Gale St. John was born in Toledo, Ohio; a somewhat shy woman, raised in a psychic family with her Mother and Maternal Grand Parents, practicing psychic and spiritual beliefs. Gale has been a practicing psychic since she was a child. She has been teaching psychic development classes and also doing private psychic readings for over 20 years now.

Gale has more recently been featured on Gerald Rivera’s ‘At Large’, Larry King Live, CNN’s ‘Nancy Grace’ and Psychic Detectives, (Court TV ),  “A Fateful Friendship” as an active working psychic detective.

Gale spends a lot of time working on murder and missing person cases helping police and investigators solve crimes. Gale St John is also working to further her education and her credentials as an EMT.



The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking information regarding Heriberto “Nony” Herrera, 40, who has been reported as missing. Herrera is believed to have disappeared in the Mount Charleston area.

The father and primary caregiver of twins was last seen at his home May 13. He was wearing a blue half-cast on the lower portion of his left arm and has a condition that requires medication.

Herrera is Hispanic,  5’10, weighs 200 pounds and has brown eyes and a fair complexion.

Anyone with information are asked to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Missing Persons at 828-3111 or 828-5678.

During this show, the missing man’s sister will drive from a location revealed during the show to where Gale perceives Heriberto Herrera can be found.