Luke Steward-Obama

Tim Hodgin-Joe Biden

Jesse Wang (Chinese Chairman)


The film revolves around the year 2012. The US delegation and the Chinese delegation meet in Beijing to discuss the US debt to China and all hell breaks lose in a clash between these two super powers. “Two de Force” is a movie not a documentary.  “Two de Force” is a drama with action and humor that exercises poetic license. Throughout the story, all the political characters are seen as normal people who happen to be in powerful positions.Orestes wanted to show how these men and women act the same way we do when they are not in front of a television camera or at a public gathering. More importantly, he explores the big picture of politics, and he questions who really pulls the political strings that govern our daily lives and ultimately determine our future.

The story does not encourage partisan politics in any way, as we allow for an array of opinions to be represented. The goal of the story is not to encourage the audience to pick sides.  Instead, the goal is to challenge the viewer to think about the big picture and how all of us are affected by the decisions of regular people that happen to be elected to office in their respective countries.  And, in this story, these “regular guys” happen to be the leaders of the two major world powers.

EL OPEN HOUSE 10/24/2012


El Open House is a film dedicated to the music produced and performed by outstanding artists who have composed the soundtrack of our lives. The Cuban experience of exiles growing up in Miami.Their story was their own but it has reached and touched all of us throughout the USA and the world, the influence of Cuban music cannot be ignored.

My guests: Director, Producer Joe Cardona & Miami Radio personality, Mike In The Night. Musicians featured in the film will be calling in to share their memories.

Featured bands:

Hansel and Raul, Willy Chirino, The Judges Nephews, Emilio & Gloria Estefan, Clouds with Frankie Marcos, Miguel Martin, Jose “Pepe” Campos, Alex Cobos, The Antiques, Peter Fernandez, Coke, Eloy Cepero, Orquesta Tipica Tropical, Flager Street-Carlos Montiel, Gustavo Rojas, Opus, Grupo Alma, Clockwork, Carlos Oliva, Mantrap and many more.




Co Host: Monica Rosales of DOCMIAMI.ORG

Special Guest: Chris Pepino Filmmaker and Joel Thome.

An intriguing music documentary about world-traveled composer and conductor Joel Thome, “Inside The Perfect Circle” provides a close personal look at Thome’s career and philosophy. He collaborated extensively with Frank Zappa arranging the rock icon’s music for symphony orchestra and rock band. He was awarded a Grammy for his work with Zappa and guitarist Steve Vai, and was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. After suffering a debilitating stroke in 1998, Joel lost the use of his left arm and was forced to undergo years of recovery. Using music as a resource for healing, he was able to resume composing and returned to the stage to perform his graphically notated mandala scores. The performance was featured at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City in September 2009.

FACE OFF with DEREK GARCIA 9/16/2012

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Derek Garcia

Co Host: Monica Rosales of DOCMIAMI.ORG

Derek Garcia -Age:31-Expertise: Airbrushing, Painting, Sculpting, Sketching. Occupation: Tattoo Artist at CBT Studio in Hollywood, FL. Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL. Residence: Miami, FL. Derek grew up doing monster make up creations on his fraternal twin brother, Eric Garcia, who is also a contestant on season three of Face Off. Derek has worked alongside his brother on numerous projects including Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL, but the two have different styles. Derek’s style is traditional tattoo inspired. He recently returned from Germany, where he did Halloween Haunt with his teacher and mentor Bill McCoy. Derek currently resides in Miami with his wife. He is a tattoo artist and tattooed his brother’s arm with images from The Goonies.

Face Off

Last week’s episode: 304:  Alice in Zombieland – The artists are asked to create original zombie makeups based on classic characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson is guest judge.

This week: 305: Supermobile – The artists meet McKenzie at the historic Bronson Caves, the site of the original Bat Cave and numerous iconic Hollywood films. They then are met by a parade of unique vehicles and learn that for their next Spotlight Challenge, they will be paired in teams of two and tasked with creating an original superhero and sidekick duo that would match the vehicle of their choice. Season two winner Rayce Bird joins the cat and helps them with their designs. Over the next two days, the teams work furiously to create their superhero-sidekick duos. On the Face Off reveal stage, the artists are thrilled to see their guest judge, writer, director and superhero aficionado, Kevin Smith.


Daniel Cabrero

Co Host: Monica Rosales of DOCMIAMI.ORG

Special Guest: Daniel Cabrero script writer, film director and producer at DANSEUSE FILMS.

Film: “Mis Caminos Tras La Danza”

Paris, 1926: the precocious skill and talent for dance of 6 year old Spanish-emigrate Emma’s leads her to perform in front of Madame Gontcharowa, a former dancer of the Ballets Ruses and current teacher of Classical Dance at the well-known Théâtre du Châtelet. Madame Gontcharowa harnesses Emma’s raw talent helping her into the Petite Etoile du Châtelet but, at her artistic childhood’s pinnacle, and with all chances to become a great Classical dancer, Emma’s mother withdraws her from the theatre – shattering her dreams of becoming a professional dance-star.

My Paths Through Dance is a coming-of-age, rags to artistic riches story which follows Emma’s journey to become the unique Spanish dancer Mariemma, and later the creator of the “Mariemma – Ballet de España”, the greatest Spanish Ballet ever. Mariemma’s paths through dance helped launching the careers of internationally renowned artists such as  Antonio Canales, Enrique Morente, Elvira Andrés, Elio Berhanyer, Aída Gómez, Joaquín Cortés and Lola Greco amongst many others. All of her protégées appear in the film recounting their experiences alongside Mariemma and describe her invaluable contributions to dance, Spanish culture and history.


Overlooked Suspect

Co Host: Monica Rosales, the mover and shaker of DocMiami.Org and the directors of “Overlooked Suspect-What If O.J.Simpson Didn’t Do It?”

This made for television documentary raises compelling questions and highlights a 15 year investigation by one of America’s leading and acclaimed private investigators William C. Dear, along with a team of internationally recognized scientific and medical experts in their fields.  Each expert has come to the same, independent conclusion.  The documentary includes references to key communication between the LAPD and agencies responsible for the original trial and lead investigator Dear, making viewers wonder, Why was the Overlooked Suspect we have identified not more vigorously pursued? Was there a cover up? We have distilled 5000 hours of detailed research and investigation into a thought provoking, viewer friendly documentary that will empower the public to decide what they feel about the biggest murder trial of the 20th century.

“Overlooked Suspect-What If O.J.Simpson Didn’t Do It?”


Ghost Player

My co host: Monica Rosales of DocMiami the mover and shaker of DocMiami.og and the producers of Ghost Players.

In 1988, a very amazing thing happened in the middle of the United States.  A Hollywood film company made the decision to use a small cornfield in Dubuque County in the state of Iowa, near Dyersville, to make a movie that is inspirational, entertaining and philosophical. Since the movie “Field of Dreams” has been produced, it has achieved international fame.  Many organizations, companies and communities have used the term “build it and they will come” to provide impetus for major projects to move forward.  The state of Iowa has used the small dialogue, which refers to Iowa as “Heaven” in many of its promotions, recalling the answer to “Is this Heaven?” which states, “No, this is Iowa.”  A group of dedicated individuals carried the positive message and entertainment values around the world to tour, perform and spread a unique form of ambassadorship in various places in Europe, Asia and America.  The “Ghost Players” represent the players in the Field of Dreams and have shared the joy engendered by the movie to delight thousands of people.  American military bases have been the destinations for Ghost Player tours.  United States soldiers, their spouses and children and support people came to the performances by the Ghost Players.  The Ghost Players have been featured in Stars and Stripes, Newsweek, Baseball Weekly, ESPN and the major networks.  In the “Field of Dreams” movie, the character played by James Earl Jones says, “This field, this game, is a part of our past.  It reminds us of all that was once good, and it could be good again.”  Mr. Jones and the Ghost Players disappeared into the corn.  I know what happened to them.  I have it on tape.


Bob Marley

My Cohost: Monica Rosales from DocMiami.

Based on footage shot in the early seventies and lost for more than thirty years, Esther Anderson’s lenses takes us on a journey to the Caribbean islands, to Jamaica and into 56 Hope Road, Kingston, to see and hear the young Bob Marley before he was famous. While exploring the powerful relationship between Esther and Marley, the film shows us the Wailers’ first rehearsal, when the idea of a Jamaican supergroup like the Beatles or the Stones was still just a dream, and sits in on the launch of their international career with “Get up Stand up”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, and the “Burnin’” and “Catch a Fire” albums that brought to the world Reggae music and Rasta consciousness together as one, starting a revolution that would change rock music and contemporary culture.

UNESCO Award Nomination. Reggae Film Festival 2011
Official Selection Edinburgh International film Festival 2011
Official Selection Rhode Island International Film Festival FLICKERS 2011
Official Selection DOCMIAMI International Film Festival 2011


TWO DE FORCE 10/12/2011


TWO DE FORCE is a story of the clash of two super powers: United States vs China. Everyone knows about the US debt to China, regardless of political affiliation this is a problem for all Americans and the world as it has serious repercussions.  Director and Producer Orestes Matacena does  not preach to the audience rather he wants every American, and movie goer around the world to consider the real implication and consequences for us in a global scale. When viewing America’s current financial situation, some may shift the blame on former President Bush  and Republicans in general. But nobody can deny the hard facts about our present and growing debt.  President Obama’s administration focuses on wealthy Americans paying their fair share in taxes which they claim is not the case and that the USA should not maintain a “world power” status. Here is where both parties may disagree producing dynamic reactions. However, there are people on both sides of the fence who simply love America and  what she represents to the world and mourn seeing the US spiraling downward  further and further into mounting debt. Matacena’s lense focuses on the bigger picture politically and much of what takes place behind-the-scenes while the world sleeps. The trailer is designed to entice people to want the whole picture. It will take the audience on a “bumpy ride” as the film delivers a powerful message concerning all Americans and the world in an entertaining way. It has politics, action, drama and humor palatable for a wide range of moviegoers, regardless of age, gender, race, religion,etc. Whether people are in agreement or not, TWO DE FORCE will have people talking and thinking.



Lance Micci

Co Host: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of DOCMIAMI.

Land of the Rising Fastball and intrepid filmmaker Lance Miccio tell the history of baseball in Japan. From the early days of 1872 till today and as seen through the eyes of those who lived it and those who love it.

A documentary team of American and Japanese filmmakers journey across the USA and Japan visiting the “Castles of Baseball” such as “Hanshin Koshein Stadium” in Osaka . In Fukuoka the” Yahoo Dome” while also visiting the home of “The Baystars “in Yokohamma, the Tokyo Dome aka The Big Egg and Jingu stadium in Tokyo .

The filmmakers submerge themselves in the Yakyu aka Baseball culture. During their travels, they interview Hall of Fame players Sachio Kinugasa and Sekine Junzo plus former Red Sox outfielder and World Series winner Gabe Kapler and former Baltimore Oriole and Angel slugger Doug DeCinces who hit the first homerun in the Tokyo Dome as a member of the Yakult Swallows. Those also included are Yale Anthropology Chair William Kelly,  Japan ‘Hall of Fame Curator’ Miwako Atarashi, Sports writers Deanna Rubin and Japanese founder Michael Westbay.

The film is richly narrated by Jeffrey Buckner Ford, aka Buck Ford. Miccio’s uses a rich tapestry of imagery in this well crafted project that along with a compelling score by Charlie McAlsiter is woven with Buck Ford’s narration to give the viewer a new sense of the history of Japan’s national pastime” “BASEBALL”.


Come see the free showing of the film Sept 25th  4:05 PM • Land of The Rising fast Ball: The History of Baseball in Japan – Palms North  Click on DocMiami below to see show schedule.

Doc Miami