Marta, widely known as Cubanarama of radio fame, is a Havana native. The popular blog radio personality came to the United States along with her family and settled in Union City, New Jersey, a city with a sizeable Cuban-American population.

Her family relocated to Minnesota in 1976 seeking better employment opportunities. In Minneapolis Cubanarama held many jobs in the financial sector of downtown Minneapolis but once she married and had her first child, she decided to change careers to spend more time with her son Alexander. Marta started working as a cosmetologist, a profession she loved from childhood but soon she realized that she needed more education and skills, subsequently she enrolled in college, earning a degree in Journalism from Augsburg College in Minneapolis.

With the advent of social media and the Internet, Marta quickly sought old friends from Cuba and New Jersey. With the help of Facebook she achieved both. One of her old schoolmates suggested that she’d host a radio program on the Internet, and this sparked her interest in creating Cubanarama Talk Radio.

In 2009, Marta launched the Cubanarama Talk Radio inviting guests from all over the world providing them a platform to communicate like never before. Her initial following from New Jersey, New York, Miami, California, and the Midwest has grown to Latin America and Europe. She hosts programs in both English and Spanish to her growing audience; Cubanarama also hosted a program featuring missing persons in the USA, but once families of victims abroad heard the show, they too asked her to assist them in bringing attention to this growing problem. Marta loves hosting her blog radio program and enjoys getting to know the hearts of women and men behind the stories she features. The theme song of her blog radio program paints an accurate picture of Marta/Cubanarama; her legions of followers know that she is one persona, in other words, Marta and Cubanarama are inseparable personalities and entities. What you hear is what she is, and that’s one of the reasons for her popularity. There is nothing orchestrated or fake about her show or person.