Mr Mans Corner – Ebola

I hear a lot about how our government is planning and preparing for Ebola so I decided to review the House Oversight Committee Ebola Response hearing and am surprised how what is being said by the President, CDC, HHS and DHS about how they are prepared and not to worry.  But what is being presented at the hearing seems to tell a different story…

  •  They cannot figure out whether to quarantine or not but the Military will.  There seems to be a problem in coming up with common sense protocols (quarantine). – Rep Mike Turner
  • HHS says there are supporting our States and Communities but Deborah Burger of National Nurses United seems to tell a different story.

In the end, are we prepared as much as the Government says we are?  I would say no.  Have they bought  a lot of stuff in case something happens – Sure but don’t count on it being any good when  they figure out how to get it to you.

Just my thoughts.

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