New Health Segment Starting July 22th at 6pm CST


Cubanarama Radio is starting a new Health Segment on July 15th at 8PM CST

These programs will be recorded in English and in Spanish for the benefit of all our audiences in the US and Latin America. I am thrilled to introduce to all of you our Health Guru, Dr. Josefina Monasterio, she holds a PhD in Adult Personal Development from Nova University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University.

Her motivational presentations empowers everyone she meets in the United States, Latin America, the Bahamas and Jamaica where her life coaching techniques help her clients achieve their full potential using the methods she herself has proven effective. Her accomplishments include working as a professor and Academic Adviser, helping pregnant teenagers finish their education, hosting her own television shows, and becoming an award-winning all natural bodybuilder!

Dr. Josefina is an example of success through discipline, education and perseverance, she believes everyone can learn healthier eating habits, not allowing chronological age and old belief systems to define how we should age.

Our first program will be in English and we will be discussing:

  1. Can anyone change their biology at cellular level and how?
  2. Differences between women and men’s health needs and concerns as we age.
  3. Diseases related to bad nutrition.
  4. How can Yoga and meditation help us achieve better health?
  5. Being overweight and/or lacking energy; Where do I start my journey towards a new and healthier life style?
  6. Sugar, Caffeine and Fatty Foods; Which one of the three is worse and do I have to cut them out of my diet completely?
  7. Does being healthy mean I have to give up everything I love to eat?
  8. How can I figure out what is keeping me from being healthy?
  9. What foods should be on my list when grocery shopping?
  10. Since everyone has different health needs, how can this program help everyone, men and women of different ages?
  11. Do I need a food diary or health diary to keep me focused? What information should I be recording and how can the information help me?

Any questions we may not have time for during the programs will be answered during subsequent shows. We encourage the audience to send in their questions or health concerns to  so I can share with the Dr. Monasterio and help find answers to your questions.

Thank you friends, I am looking forward to sharing a new and healthier life with all of you.


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