Don Schwartz – telling their own stories

Guest Co Host: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of

Bay Area actor and writer Don Schwartz has been seen in a number of film roles during the last six years. He is a writer for CineSource magazine (and previously wrote for now-defunct Film/Tape World) on various topics of import to the local film community, including advocacy and personal profiles. Don has also been published in a variety of publications since 1977. Previously the director of The Trager Institute for 21 years, Don holds multiple degrees, including a PhD in psychology and counseling.

Currently a strong advocate for bringing film and TV production back to the Bay Area, Don is also a working member of the Scary Cow film cooperative, which develops widespread ‘mutual support’ for numerous projects by its members. Don is also busy promoting his two scripts, and hopes to produce one in the near future.

Don’s other interests include listening to (and sharing) a wide variety of music, taking care of his twin nieces, and promoting natural health and healing through research. He is a dedicated environmental activist, and an avid fan of aviation and space exploration. About six times a year, readers find Don in the editorial pages of the Pacific Sun, Marin County’s popular alternative weekly.

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