Grandpaw Peter Koyote Communion of Souls

In a world that is spinning out of control, we all need a word of wisdom that will bring us back to the beginning, a word that will reach our minds and our souls. Human beings need stillness to feel the passion inside our hearts, to allow the creative process to stimulate the desire and discover the secrets, to create a new dream, a new destiny and a new life. A life that is not within the confines and burden of responsibilities but rather an existence that is filled with expectancy, gratitude and satisfaction that every cell in our bodies is feeling alive. How do we awaken what is sacred within each one of us and celebrate life in communion with our brothers and sisters worldwide? Grandpaw Peter Koyote will help guide us in a series of exercises to help us get beyond the illusion and into reality, to help us achieve communion with ourselves, the creator and our spiritual family here on earth. Tune in for a practical demonstration, decompression and energy work that will leave your heart immersed in the divines love.

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