LA PALABRA 6/20/2013

La Palabra at Piano

La Palabra

La Palabra was born and raised in Oriente, Cuba when the Hirakiri dance and other rhythms like el Mozambique, Paca, Joropo, Changui, and Mozan-Cha were at the height of its popularity and the sounds of Orquesta Aragon, Estrellas Cubanas, Pello el Afrokan, Tataguini and Chapotin occupied the airwaves. La Palabra began taking piano lessons from his grandmother at 11 yrs old. After winning the Dept of Education panel of judges over at an amateur competition, he was offered to attend a state school of music in Havana. His grandmother turned the opportunity down fearing her grandchild would not be able to leave Cuba if they accepted.
Years later the family obtained their visa to leave Cuba. Palabra and his family headed for New York City in 1966. At 15, La Palabra broke into the music scene joining the sextet Lalo y La New Yorkina. With the Hippie and Civil Rights Movements, the Vietnam War at full throttle, La Palabra rode the waves of the times adjusting to the cultural changes and alternating with acts Richie Ray, Eddie Palmieri and Joe Cuba.  By 1974, The 18 year-old performer dazzled audiences with his piano playing and romantic Spanish ballad-style singing English cover songs.
The next several years La Palabra continued playing in the Detroit club circuit, alternating between Stanley Mitchell and the People’s Choice, Brainstorm, the Five Specials and Norma Belle and the All Stars while sharing the circuit with Earl Klu, Chapter 7 with lead singer Anita Baker, Dennis Koffe and Lyman Woodard and the Organization. You are all invited to listen La Palabra’s story and enjoy the music that has fascinated audiences for decades.

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